Biden Drops New Origin Story, Tells Rabbis on High Holy Days Call About Being 'Raised' in Synagogues

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

At this point, the people in power behind the scenes at the White House have to be pulling their hair out over this question: How do you solve a problem like Joe Biden? 


As I wrote on Thursday, among the bad things he said were weird comments about Gov. Wes Moore's biceps and a racist comment about "African Americans, Hispanic workers, and veterans" as "you know, the workers without high school diplomas." 

He also just can't stop making things up and telling bizarre falsehoods. People trying to be charitable sometimes refer to these fantasies as trying to relate to their audience. But when you are falsely stealing an aspect of their lives, how does that relate to them? Indeed, I have to wonder what people think when he says things like this. We saw how such things didn't go well when he embellished about his small kitchen fire to the people of Maui who had lost their homes and members of their families, and Biden was talking to them about his 67 Corvette being at risk. He was chastised by Hawaiians for making it all about himself. 

On Thursday evening, Biden participated in a call and delivered remarks to rabbis around the country in recognition of the Jewish High Holy Days. You can probably guess what happened next. While on the call with the rabbis, Joe Biden went full-on Joe Biden again. 


“You might say, was raised in the synagogues of my state. You think I’m kidding, I’m not,” Biden claimed. He said that the temple Beth Shalom back in Wilmington, Delaware was "the home of countless friends to me." 

“I’ve always believed the message of the High Holidays is universal — that it’s never too late to repent, to change, to begin anew,” Biden said.

Yet, he can't stop and repent from making up these stories. There was nothing in his biography about this and last year he made a similar claim about being raised in the "Puerto Rican community at home, politically" even though very few Puerto Ricans lived in the area he did in Delaware at the time he started his career.  He also claimed he went to "the black church"  as well -- after he went to Catholic mass every morning in high school and college. 


Is there anything our superhero Joe Biden wasn't when he was being all things, to all people? Unfortunately, what he hasn't been is good at his job.



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