Biden's Gaffe About the Inflation Reduction Act Earns Community Note and Lots of Mockery

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Joe Biden has been on vacation in Lake Tahoe for the past week. However, he's truly been on vacation for almost 40 percent of his time in office, probably more than anyone. Add to that his early lids and days where he seems to have little or nothing on his daily public schedule. One has to ask why, particularly when he claims to be running for the office again. He's not even truly able to do the job now. 


However, if they thought that by hiding Biden out, he would make fewer gaffes and create less distraction, that hasn't seemed to work out. During his Lake Tahoe trip, first, there was the controversy that he was going on vacation at all after the disastrous fire in Maui that killed so many people. He spent a week in Lake Tahoe, only taking about five hours out of that vacation to visit the devastation in Hawaii. But even in that limited amount of time, Biden managed to offend people by talking about his kitchen fire and then leaving. It showed his priorities and how he makes everything about himself. He had to rush back to his spin and Pilates class that he and the extended family were taking in Lake Tahoe. 

Then he seemed to have gotten loose from his handlers for a bit and made bizarre remarks to reporters, smirking about former President Donald Trump's mugshot and calling him handsome, dropping a warning that they may be revving up the COVID vaccines again, admiring some random reporter's biceps, and then denying that the Special Counsel in his classified documents case wanted to talk to him—despite reports to the contrary. For a good portion of that time, he was also loudly booed and yelled at, which he didn't like at all. 

On top of that, Biden—or should we say his account—was still putting out things to make it look like he was working hard, even though he's on a constant vacation. They posted a "whiteboard" of him explaining "Bidenomics," which was a huge failure and made people laugh at him. His people appeared not to understand the first rule of the internet—don't stand next to anything that looks like a blank sign that can be photoshopped and used to make endless memes. 


But that wasn't all. 

As Biden tried to brag on X about the Inflation Reduction Act—that thing that's not about reducing inflation but is actually about spending more on climate change—he made a rather large mistake.

“The Inflation Reduction Act is projected to help triple wind power and increase solar power eightfold, while electricity deployed through the U.S. power grid is expected to be powered by 81% clean energy by 2023,” Biden claimed. 

Immediately everyone saw the problem. The post went viral with over 2 million views, and Biden was roundly mocked because he promised all this by this year. What he meant to say was 2030, although that's probably equally as improbable, and if you forced it by then, you would do great damage to the energy industry. That doesn't seem to enter into their calculus, however. 

Biden got busted with a Community Note explaining how he was about seven years off. The gaffe earned him a lot of mockery, and many called him out on the facts as well. Some noted he must have written it himself since it was botched so badly. 




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