Biden Tries - And Fails - at Using a Whiteboard to Explain 'Bidenomics'

Credit: Joe Biden/Twitter

You have to hand it to the Biden team. They truly seem to be clueless. Or perhaps they think we are, with the things they try to sell us. 

They think the problem isn't Biden, it's just messaging. If Americans just understood Biden and his policies a little better, then we'd truly get what a great guy he is and how wonderful his "plans" are. Of course, the problem is that we do understand his policies--because they are adversely impacting our wallets every single day in so many ways. They're costing us hundreds of dollars more every month--by one count, $709 more a month--and it's not something we will soon forget. 


What they did to try to convince us is truly funny. They sent Joe Biden out with a whiteboard on X, trying to explain to us -- the poor benighted folks who just don't get it -- how "Bidenomics" works and why it's a wonderful thing. 

"I came to office determined to change the economic direction of this country and to move from trickle-down economics to my middle out, bottom up vision: Bidenomics," Biden said. Yet, even as he tries to get it out, he's slurring his words and he's not even writing it out the whiteboard; they're flashing things on it to help him, and all he's doing is checking boxes. What a low-energy whiteboard. 

"Trickle-down economics" was a liberal term used to attack Ronald Reagan back in the 1980s and what Biden says about it is nonsense. They have to make up things because they can't deal with the reality of what a strong economy we had under former President Donald Trump, with low inflation, low unemployment, and energy independence. That reality stands in stark contrast to the mess that Biden has driven us to, but now wants to gussy up and call "Bidenomics." 


There are a variety of untrue and misleading things Biden says. He didn't "create" 13 million new jobs -- people returning to work after COVID lockdowns isn't "job creation." Also, he claimed they increased wages when in fact, because of Bidenflation, real wages are down 2.6 percent. There's also been a slowdown in manufacturing, contrary to what Biden said. 

But perhaps the biggest untruth is how he talks about how he's making things better for the middle class, when in fact the opposite is true. When you have to pay hundreds more every month, when everything costs more, you aren't helping the middle class; you're increasing the poor and decreasing the middle class. Middle-class people used to be able to buy food and afford their own homes. Now with the increased interest rates and the inflation, that ability has been cut off for many. That's on Biden; he's been horrible for the middle class. 

Biden changed the direction alright -- he made everything far worse. There's a reason he getting booed.

Could it be that no one ever explained one of the basic rules of the internet to the Biden team -- never hold up anything like a sign or a whiteboard, or you're going to get memed or photoshopped into next week? 


People were quick to jump in and blast Biden with some great takes. 


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