Elon Exposes Hypocrisy of Biden DOJ After They Target Him Over SpaceX Not Hiring 'Asylees'

(AP Photo/John Raoux, File)

We reported last week about the Biden DOJ targeting Elon Musk's SpaceX, alleging discriminatory hiring practices. 

What were they accusing Musk of? They were alleging that he hired U.S. citizens and permanent residents for jobs but not "asylees and refugees."


Immediately, some pointed out the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) that require the hiring of U.S. citizens/permanent for companies dealing with things like rockets and military-grade technology. Musk pointed out how they would have been in trouble if they weren't complying with ITAR. 

"SpaceX was told repeatedly that hiring anyone who was not a permanent resident of the United States would violate international arms trafficking law, which would be a criminal offense," Musk explained. "We couldn’t even hire Canadian citizens, despite Canada being part of NORAD!" 

Then Musk called it out for what it was, "This is yet another case of weaponization of the DOJ for political purposes." 

How ridiculous is it to get sued because you don't want to break the law? 

The Biden Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is also targeting Musk's X platform. It's not hard to see that's at the heart of why they're going after him—because he's standing in the way of the political narrative that they can no longer control on X. 


If they can target the former President of the United States, if they can target one of the richest men in the world, then they can go after anyone. That should be a scary thought for us all for the well-being of our nation when the Biden regime has driven it into such a state that we can no longer rely upon them upholding the rule of law in an even-handed manner. 

But Musk wasn't taking it lying down. The question may hinge upon an interpretation of the law, but he pointed out just what hypocrites the Biden DOJ were trying to go after him and SpaceX with such a lawsuit. He cited a post from Alex Tabarrock, a professor of economics at George Mason University, who observed that the DOJ itself requires people being hired for a job as a recreational specialist in a prison—hardly a top-secret job—to be a U.S. citizen. 

"DOJ needs to sue themselves!" Musk proclaimed.

So if the DOJ is engaging in such practices, how can they go after Musk and SpaceX and pretend this is anything but political targeting? 

Musk pointed out that the "irony is too much." 


On top of that, let's not pretend to go along with the Biden term about "asylees"—a term they use for true asylum seekers as well as people who may have entered illegally and wrongly claimed asylum when they didn't qualify for it. They may have come here for economic reasons and not because of some political persecution in their home countries. But the DOJ isn't upfront about that as they go after SpaceX. 

Good for hMusk for destroying the Biden team's credibility with the glaring inconsistencies in this matter. 



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