Hilarious: Trump Flips the Script, Makes CNN's Worst Fears About Mugshot Come True

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The left was salivating to get the mugshot of former President Donald Trump stemming from his Fulton County, Georgia charges. 

The people seemingly most anxious to get it were CNN, which was the first outlet to release the mugshot. They claimed they got it from Fulton County officials, although there were reports that it wasn't going to be released until 4 p.m. Friday. 


They had already displayed the mugshots of Trump's codefendants like political scalps taken 188 times in 24 hours

MRC analysts examined all coverage on CNN and MSNBC from 6:00 p.m. on August 23 to that same time the following day. During that 24-hour span, the two cable networks displayed mugshots of former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, former Trump administration Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and the other defendants a whopping 188 times, amounting to a combined 83 minutes of airtime.

MSNBC led the pair in both total on-screen displays and screen time; they showed the mugshots 122 times, for a total of 56 minutes and 23 seconds. CNN showed the images 66 times, which amounted to 27 minutes and 12 seconds of screen time.

Can there be any question that this is about trying to damage Trump and the others with the photos, or that this is about trying to hurt his campaign?  Because that's what it looks like when you dive into such an orgiastic display. They know this is what their liberal audience wants to see and they're feeding that for views. 


That's why CNN's complaints as to how Trump might use his mugshot was so whiny, hypocritical, and hilarious. They're using the mugshots of Trump and the others to make money. Yet they're upset that Trump might flip the script and use his to fundraise to help defeat the Democrats.

“That's one of the questions about this sort of value of a mugshot in this case. Right?" correspondent Sara Murray whined to Kaitlan Collins. 

"It's, sure, it’s treating Donald Trump if he does get one, the same as any other defendant but you’re also giving him a photo that there’s no doubt that he's gonna use on promotional material, he’s gonna use on fundraising material.”

Guess what? That's exactly what he intends to do and that's what makes it so hilarious. He's already out with the t-shirt as I reported, as well as mugs and likely other merchandise is coming. He's going to make a ton of money on it for the campaign. And why shouldn't he? As I noted, Trump is making a bigger point about fighting back against this and the weaponization of government. 


The left doesn't seem to have learned the lesson of how their every effort to go after Trump has backfired on them, making him rise in the polls. Do they even know what they are doing with this? Heck, the left wanted a mugshot so badly, so now it would be perfect karma if they were hoist with their own petard. 

It's a shameful example of an abuse of power and people won't soon forget it. 


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