Jesse Watters Drops Big News About More Hunter Trips on Air Force Two

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Joe Biden for years said he never discussed business with his son Hunter. After that was shown to be patently untrue, they tried an Orwellian switch up in the language to claim he wasn't "in business" with him and that their answer had never changed.  But we've seen how problematic even that claim is with Joe Biden involved in phone calls, dinners, and meeting with business associates, even pictures in the Vice President's office. As Devon Archer said, what was being sold was the Biden "brand." 


We're all aware of the trip that Hunter Biden took on Air Force Two to China with his father, Joe Biden, in December 2013. You can see the picture of them on the plane above. During that trip, Hunter Biden met with Chinese financial executive Jonathan Li. Joe Biden also had coffee with Li during the visit. After that, Hunter finalized his deal with Li wherein Rosemont Seneca partnered with the state-owned Bank of China to create BHR, with Li as the CEO. Subsequently, Joe Biden wrote recommendations for Li's son and daughter for college. But the Democrats want us now to believe that Joe Biden was not involved in the business and talked about nothing but the weather? 

On top of all the information showing Joe Biden's involvement that we already have, Fox's Jesse Watters dropped some interesting news on Monday evening. First, he noted that Biden avoided answering questions initially about the Maui fire. Why? Because he likely didn't want to get asked any questions about the Biden family scandal. He said that after poring through a lot of old footage, his Primetime team has uncovered that Hunter flew on Air Force Two at least eight times. 


"These are trips we didn’t know about before, because Hunter avoided being caught on camera," Watters posted. "But Primetime now has indisputable evidence that Hunter Biden was using Air Force 2 as business travel. Taxpayers funded Hunter’s business travel so the Bidens could sneak around the world and get rich," he claimed. 

Watters said that it looked like Hunter snuck out of the back of the plane, the stairs usually used by the press, so he wouldn't be observed. Yet, if he did that, Watters noted, he would have been spotted by the media. Yet the media wasn't reporting on this. Watters then showed footage of Hunter after getting off the plane/getting into limos from some of those trips, including a 2015 trip to Berlin, as well as the 2013 trip to Asia, which included him going to China, Japan, and South Korea. Biden even promoted Hunter's involvement with the World Food Programme during a speech in South Korea, where he talked about him and said he had just left there to go to the Philippines. In 2016, Hunter was even along on a trip to Italy, where he got to meet the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. 

Watters showed an email about how it worked. Hunter emailed a "client" in 2010, saying Joe Biden was going to Madrid and he could "catch a ride with him" and then fly over to Serbia to meet. That "client" was reportedly operating on behalf of Serbia at the time, and emails revealed that Hunter was trying to set up a meeting with potential investors. 


In 2016, Hunter emailed one of his Mexican business associates, Miguel Aleman Magnani, saying he was coming in on Air Force Two that evening and that he would be attending a meeting with "President N w/Dad." That would be Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. Why was his father taking him along to such a meeting? In addition, Jeff Cooper, Hunter's business associate, was also along on the trip. Magnani had been ghosting him a bit, and Hunter chided him, expressing after how much of the "Biden brand" he'd gotten — even visits to the White House – he, Magnani, hadn't come across as much as Hunter would like. 

The White House is refusing to turn over the records on the vice presidential use of Air Force Two, Watters said. But when you're using burner phones and shell companies, that might indicate a problem. He also brought up Biden's use of pseudonyms -- he was communicating by email as "Robert L. Peters," "JRB Ware," and "Robin Ware," including to his staff. Why is a vice president using pseudonyms to communicate with staff? Perhaps to avoid being picked up by a FOIA request. And then why was Hunter copied when Joe Biden was communicating with a staffer about talking with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko? 


If Biden was not interceding with Poroshenko on Hunter/Burisma's behalf, why was Hunter being copied about the meeting? As House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) said, it's because Joe Biden was "lying when he says he didn't participate."



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