Biden's Grand Canyon Interview Goes Over the Edge

We wrote on Tuesday about Joe Biden’s not-so-grueling four-hour work day, including his anticipated 45-minute stop at the Grand Canyon lookout. He also delivered remarks nearby at the Red Butte Airfield, where he spoke about climate change, conservation, and the establishment of a new national monument.


One thing we noted is how they’ve locked up about a million acres, including land containing an important uranium deposit, thus putting seemingly helping Russia and potentially harming our national security. Biden talked about the sacrifices that we have to make for the climate agenda — as he pulled up in his gas-guzzling motorcade. He also couldn’t seem to figure out how many wonders of the world/natural wonders there were and the difference between the two.

That was all bad enough. But then came the interview with the Weather Channel on the lip of the Grand Canyon.

Let’s start it off appropriately, with Joe Biden’s traditional, “Don’t jump” remark.

Biden then sat down with the Weather Channel’s Stephanie Abrams and truly went over the edge in his remarks about climate change. He frequently didn’t seem to understand exactly what he was saying, such as when Abrams asked him whether he was going to declare a national climate emergency.


Biden insisted that he had already done that, which is not the case. “We’ve conserved more land, we joined the Paris Climate Accord, we passed the $368 billion climate control facility. We’re moving. It is THE existential threat to humanity.” He closed his eyes during the recitation, thinking intently, trying to remember what they had done.

Abrams presses him because she knows he hasn’t declared it, “So you’ve already declared that national emergency?”

Then he realizes that what he said was wrong, and tries to clean it up, and then things get strange, “In a practical — you have a bug on you.” Biden then reached out and wiped what he said was a bug from her upper chest. He finishes out by saying that “practically speaking,” they had declared the emergency.

That’s so typical of Joe Biden, truth is what he says it is, even if it isn’t true. This was quicker than his touching of Eva Longoria, but stop touching people already! Naturally, this had people talking, because of his propensity for touching people in questionable ways. Some termed it “handsy.”

Then, what the heck is he talking about saying they passed a “$368 billion climate control facility.” What facility is that? Can he show us what he’s talking about? I’m inclined to think he just has no idea what he’s saying here, but is he talking about something that we don’t know about? And should know about?


We’ll give the Weather Channel their due: they fact-checked Biden live on the air and said, no, he hadn’t declared a national climate emergency.

However, Biden wasn’t done with the odd comments just yet.

This clip reveals what could be a dangerous order of priorities when he talks about “preparing the military by trying to deal with the climate stuff.”

No, the military is supposed to kill people and break things in the defense of the nation. That’s the priority. It isn’t supposed to be about “climate stuff” and if you’re concentrating on climate first, rather than on the military’s main function, we have a problem.

This next clip is astonishing for the wild policy it seems to be espousing and the movement of Biden’s mind from the question to the end remark, in 56 seconds. Abrams asks a great question, “Is it the responsibility of the U.S. to protect migrants who might be fleeing extreme weather in their countries?”


Biden’s answer is essentially yes, which is a wild response. That means he’s saying we’re responsible for those in need around the world. Then he says “One of the things that we’re doing, is providing for changing the environment, the physical structures in the countries in which they come from. So they have better lighting.”

I’m so confused, so now we can change the environment in other countries? And people are leaving their own countries because they need better lighting? But then somehow his brain made a jump to lead pipes in America.

“For example, you have so many lead pipes all across America. And throughout the country,” he said. “We’re replacing every single lead pipe in America.” This is madness. It’s not the federal government’s job to replace every lead pipe in America, and what does that have to do with the border and illegal aliens?

Then if that wasn’t wild enough, there was this one about transmitting solar or wind power over lines, “We’re now transmitting over those lines on the east coast, we’re transmitting solar! I mean wind power.”


He has his notecards to help him, but that didn’t stop the madness.

Then, beyond all the worrying confusion, Biden says the quiet part out loud that he usually avoids saying — that yes, he’s trying to stop all drilling and the only reason it hasn’t happened is because the courts have stopped him.

That of course would cripple our country and endanger our security. That’s what he’s advocating, he’s upset that he was stopped from doing it. Bookmark this and remember when he tries to backtrack during the election and claim he didn’t say it because he did.

But don’t worry, he’s going to deal with “environmental justice” because as a kid he had an oil slick on his window at the first frost. Not a joke!


Biden’s team probably thought that was going to be a safe interview. Instead, it’s just one more look into how far he’s deteriorated and what a horror show his policies are.


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