Biden's Brain Breaks and He Comes up With a Doozy of a New Amtrak Story

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

On Monday, Joe Biden stopped in Baltimore, Maryland on his way back from his home in Wilmington, Delaware to the White House.

He was speaking about infrastructure and the 150-year-old Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel.


Speaking about trains always gets Joe going with his panoply of fake stories about his Amtrak-travel days. I think I’m pretty well versed in his lies on the topic at this point but he came up with a new one that I don’t think I’ve ever heard before and it’s a doozy.

Biden first had to repeat his long-debunked Amtrak story of a conversation he claimed to have with conductor Angelo Negri when Biden was vice president about hitting more than a million miles on Air Force Two.

As we’ve previously reported, the problem with the story was Negri retired in 1993 and died in 2014. Biden didn’t hit over a million miles on Air Force Two until 2016. So it couldn’t have possibly happened. It’s been debunked over and over again, yet he keeps right on telling it.

Then he was supposed to speak about how the new and improved tunnel that they were planning was supposed to be named after Frederick Douglass. But right in the middle of saying that, his brain broke and he seemed to forget Douglass’ name.


How do you forget Douglass’ name? That’s the very reason you’re there. Biden always interposes “Look” when his brain breaks and then tries to deflect to some other topic. But it didn’t work very well when this was the topic. This is presumably with all the help he gets and a teleprompter.

But I promised you a doozy. Here you go.

“I can say it now since there’s different leadership,” Biden confided. “I used to about 15% of the time ride with the engineers. For real. And I’m the only guy that I’m aware of, when I stopped riding Amtrak that had a key to get in the back.”

I think it’s safe to say this is a lie. I could imagine that someone might let him in the car to see things once, even though they’re not supposed to. But no way did anyone give him a key for free rein so he could enter whenever he wanted. No one would risk their job like that and why would they give him a key anyway? It just doesn’t make any sense, like most of what Joe says. I suppose we’re lucky he didn’t claim that they let him drive the train. Although that might be coming next.


“For real” and “not a joke” are his “tell” that what’s coming next is likely to be full of hooey.

Come on, Biden team, seriously? This is what your guy is saying and you’re still debating whether to put him forward in 2024? He’s always had a whopper of an insecurity problem, but what’s the point of pushing these ridiculous things — rightfully, no one believes them and they only reveal how far gone he is. But at this point, it’s just over the edge and we never know what he will come up with next. This is a danger to national security.


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