WATCH: Kamala Attacks GOP in Remarkably Clueless Segment on Border, but It Boomerangs on Her Instead

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

We’ve seen the border get completely out of control under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. That was their choice because they stopped everything good that former President Donald Trump had put in place, even stopping the completion of the wall, paying millions NOT to have it completed. That’s the kind of protection and national defense that we get under Biden/Harris.


Biden put Kamala Harris in charge, then backtracked, saying she was going to be dealing with the “root causes.” We’ve never quite figured out what she’s doing in regard to that.

But Harris was interviewed by ABC’s Linsey Davis for a show that’s supposed to run on Monday. Davis asked her about states like Texas sending illegal aliens to her doorstep, dropping them off right near where she lives at the Naval Observatory. Davis tells Harris that there are even folks in the Democratic party who think that the Biden team should be doing more to deal with the border crisis. “Do they have a point?” Davis asked. Harris’ response was certainly astonishing for its cluelessness.

Harris first asked if they could agree that people shouldn’t be used as “pawns.” Then she claimed most of the illegal aliens had fled “great harm.” She said sending them across the country for the sake of “political showmanship” was just “irresponsible.”

“If you want to deal with the problem, then do it, if you are a leader, by participating in the solution,” Harris said.


Oh, my, where to begin, that was quite something.

First, the Biden team has sent people all over the country, including flying them into Westchester, NY, in the dead of night. So they’re mad when states did what they were already doing? Harris didn’t seem to care when their administration was doing this. They didn’t care if border towns and other cities were being overwhelmed. They only started paying some attention after governors did things like this to draw attention to the magnitude of the problem and how overwhelmed they are.

Second, no, what Kamala said is just factually incorrect. Most are not fleeing great harm, most are coming for economic reasons. For someone who’s supposed to be looking at the root causes, she’s astonishingly ignorant on the subject.

Third, why is Kamala having an issue with illegal aliens being sent to Washington, D.C.? Isn’t that a sanctuary city, a safe haven for illegal aliens? Shouldn’t we want them to go to where liberals supposedly treat them well with their great kindness? Aren’t they inviting people there when they declare themselves a sanctuary city? But further, why isn’t Kamala inviting the people into her house and taking care of them? Is she a bigot?

Of course, none of this would be necessary if the Biden team would just do their jobs and secure the border. All they had to do was leave what Trump had worked out in place, but they were so spiteful they couldn’t even do that. Their attitude shows very clearly that securing the border isn’t their aim; leaving it open seems to be.


But that last part of the clip takes the cake. “If you want to deal with the problem, then do it, if you are a leader, by participating in the solution,” Harris said. She’s attacking Republicans presumably, but she’s the one who Biden tasked to do something. She’s supposed to be a “leader” in this administration. She’s supposed to be the one helping to provide a solution. But she’s done nothing. She’s trying to attack Republicans, but she managed to hit herself instead. Indeed, she isn’t a leader, nor is Joe Biden. Both of them should get the boot in 2024 for this reason alone, not to mention a boatload of other reasons.

Harris hasn’t “participated in the solution,” but she most certainly has participated in the problem.



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