House Oversight GOP Torpedoes Jamie Raskin's Propaganda About Hunter Biden Case With Perfect Response

AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough

I wrote earlier about the liberal media and the Democrats’ talking point that Hunter Biden may have done things, he may have his “foibles,” but none of that touches Joe Biden, that there’s no “evidence” that he was involved in any way with any of Hunter’s questionable dealings. They’re doing their best to try to spin the scandal away from the president. But unfortunately for them, there is evidence that isn’t going to disappear anytime soon, and likely more coming with Hunter’s close business partner Devon Archer expected to give an interview to the House Oversight Committee on Monday — although there appears to be funny business afoot with that as well.


The Democrats get that it’s all coming out now, and people are paying attention — finally — so they’re doing their best to downplay it, twist it, or stop it.

The Democrat ranking member on the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), tried doing some massive spinning about a July 17th interview with an FBI Supervisory Special Agent on the Hunter Biden case. Raskin claimed that the Republicans were “concealing” and “deliberately hiding” the transcript of the agent’s interview. The Oversight Democrats said they were publicly calling on committee chair James Comer to release the transcript.

However, Oversight Committee Republicans decimated Raskin’s claim with a couple of simple facts.

Last night, Ranking Member Raskin wrote an 11-page letter accusing us of “concealing” the former FBI Special Agent’s transcript from the Democrats….except, we emailed it to them 10 days ago after we received it.

To save face, Raskin has resent his letter without those false accusations but now pretending not to know the Committee’s operating procedure for releasing transcripts…You can’t make it up.

The transcript is going through the normal review process where the witness and his/her counsel reviews it and is able to suggest any corrections needed. Once that process has been completed (and because in this case doing so mid-investigation will not harm upcoming investigative steps), we will release it.

To be clear, the former FBI Special Agent was interviewed by the Committee to offer independent verification of the events described in sworn testimony by the IRS whistleblowers. The transcript will show exactly that.


Whoops. These Republicans do have some moxie. It’s hard to get a more effective way of shutting down Raskin and his nonsense. Nicely done, House Republicans, for calling Raskin out for spreading manure.

The GOP noted this agent’s testimony was to corroborate information that was already obtained from the IRS whistleblowers. So whatever this guy said wouldn’t change what they already testified to. Particularly if it’s the conduct of the FBI and the DOJ that’s in question — I’m not sure that you would get confirmation from the FBI that they had been biased. It remains to be seen what’s in that transcript from that agent, but I wouldn’t believe for one hot second Raskin’s characterization of what he supposedly said.

The agent being referenced is a man. But notice who Raskin isn’t mentioning when he’s trying to attack the Republicans — the July 17 interview of Laura Dehmlow — who reportedly revealed that the FBI determined the Hunter Biden laptop was real but then was stopping FBI members from saying that to anyone. Raskin doesn’t want to talk about her or the IRS whistleblowers because that just kills his spin and shows his bias.


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