NBC Ratioed Into Next Week for Hot Take on Family Being One of Biden's 'Greatest Strengths'

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We expect Democrats to spin all kinds of nonsense for Joe Biden.

Former (how wonderful is that word still) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tripped all over herself in her effort to defend him on CNN on Sunday, declaring him the best thing since sliced bread, and managed to show very clearly why neither she nor Joe Biden should be holding any important office.


But then there’s the liberal media — the undeclared support team. This take is something else, with elements of delusion and “Republicans pounce” all wrapped up in one headline/tweet.

What they’re trying to say is that they want you to believe the fiction of the Biden family that Joe Biden sells, and how dare Republicans burst that bubble with any truth that has been out there for years to show it’s not quite what Joe has been trying to sell us?

The article goes on at great length about Republicans talking about Navy Roberts, the child Hunter had with Lunden Roberts, and Biden not even acknowledging that he has a seventh grandchild as he brags about his “six grandchildren” whom he talks to every day.

But that wasn’t all. Here are a couple of snippets.

The attacks on the Bidens over their family are not new. Just this week, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene held up nude photos of Hunter Biden during a House Oversight Committee hearing.

And this:

“Republicans have lost many of their core attacks against Biden as president. So it means that they need politically to develop more attacks on him as a person, as a father, or grandfather, because the attacks on him as president are becoming less effective,” longtime Democratic operative Simon Rosenberg said. “I’m not surprised to see greater investment or some of this ongoing obsessive investment of the Republicans trying to take him down as a man and as a dad and as a grandfather because it’s basically all they have.”


This is sort of a hilarious spin – the notion that there’s nothing to attack Biden on regarding his record. Republicans have a lot to attack Biden on because he has such a terrible record, particularly with inflation and how much that has harmed Americans, as well as the debacle of a withdrawal from Afghanistan. But Biden’s continuing problem is that poll after poll of the American people shows that a substantial majority doesn’t want him to run again and doubt his fitness to do the job. We saw that in the latest Harvard/Harris poll where former President Donald Trump was also leading Biden by five points and had a big lead with independents.

It’s hard for the Democrats to get around that, so now it sounds like they’re trying to come up with this spin about poor Joe being pounced on by the Republicans unfairly over his family. The take on MTG holding up the pictures is bizarre. MTG wasn’t responsible for Hunter doing drugs and hookers – that was all on Hunter Biden. Apparently, it’s pointing out the possible criminal activity that’s bad, not the possible criminal activity. Notice what’s missing there, too, in the NBC article – the reason for that Oversight Hearing about the Biden foreign dealings and alleged influence peddling – as well as the accusation about trafficking that’s out there that MTG made. NBC can’t wipe away the scandal simply by ignoring it or trying to reduce it to “nudes.” They can completely ignore it as they did in this article, but it isn’t going away.


“Decency” is back in the White House – along with the cocaine.

NBC was ratioed into next week over this ridiculous spin.


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