Pelosi's Cringeworthy, Confused Defense of Joe Biden Just Adds to His Troubles

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It’s been a lovely thing not to have Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as Speaker of the House since the 2022 elections.

If I had to hear it’s “for the children” one more time as an excuse for her promoting something horrible as Speaker, I think my head might have exploded.


But she is still there in Congress, albeit with less influence. We wrote last week about her trying to give Joe Biden some cover for his incoherence and put his age questions to rest by saying that, at 83, she was older than he was. But her struggle to explain herself showed just how much age is a factor for her, as it is for Joe Biden.

But if she wants us to make that comparison, let’s do it. She went on CNN on Sunday, and she showed just why neither she nor the president should be in any office, much less in the positions that they are in. Dana Bash asked her a reasonable question about the IRS whistleblowers who have been so damning about the bias shown in the case against Hunter Biden and how they were stopped from further investigating the possible involvement of other members of the Biden family, including Joe. “Are you confident that politics did not play a role here?” Bash asked Pelosi. Pelosi’s answer showed she had no idea what she was being asked.


Pelosi said, “What a ridiculous clown show!” She then went on to talk about a completely different hearing that didn’t have to do with the IRS whistleblowers — the House Weaponization Committee hearing on censorship. Granted, another Biden scandal. But she obviously can’t keep her Biden administration scandals straight. She couldn’t even get the name right of the principal person who testified in that hearing. “There was a purpose you described,” Pelosi said, waving her arm wildly. “What do they do? Bring in Joe Kennedy, talking about censorship, that he’s being censored as he’s talking to the world in a Congressional hearing.” Bash corrected her but gave her a complete pass for the gaffe, saying there are “a lot of Kennedys.”

Now the most known “Joe Kennedy” in the family — the patriarch of the clan — died in 1969. That’s how old Nancy Pelosi is if that’s where her mind was going. Plus, she seems to have no idea of what went on in that censorship hearing where her Democrats voted to censor Kennedy and kept trying to interrupt/shut him down throughout the hearing after they lost that censorship vote.


If Joe’s supposed to be just fine based on how Pelosi is, looks like that defense is blown too.

Then they tried to plumb the question of why the American people aren’t buying the Democrats’ narrative that Joe Biden is great, that six in ten aren’t buying it and don’t approve of Biden’s handling of the economy.

It’s just a question of “messaging,” Pelosi insisted. So you mean Joe Biden is bad at messaging, too, then? In addition to everything else?

She tried again, sounding more like she was trying to convince herself, she was so desperate in the attempt, clenching her fist.


“This president did such a remarkable job! He is a person of such knowledge, such vision for the country, such knowledge of the issues, such strategic thinking!” She even tried to claim that Joe connects with the American people. The problem, according to her? He just needs to “get out there.” Of course, the problem is that the more people see Biden, the more people believe he shouldn’t be running again and/or that he’s unfit.

The problem isn’t the messaging. The problem is the message and the person behind the message, and there’s just no getting around that.


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