WATCH: American Golfer Helps Shut Down Climate Activists to Cheers at British Open

American golfer Billy Horschel helps remove climate activist to cheers of crowd at British open. Credit: Byron Maxwell.

We’ve seen climate activists stepping up their actions from smearing paint on famous artwork to trying to block airports and planes from leaving.

Even in very liberal European countries, people are losing patience with these tactics, as we saw in Germany when citizens banded together to drag the activists out of the road, including a blonde woman who dragged one of them by her hair.


But these people don’t seem to give a darn about how what they are doing may adversely impact anyone else—and they proved that in spades with the vile way that they acted during a climate action in London.

The activists from Just Stop Oil were demonstrating and blocking cars from getting through. But as they did that, a desperate mother pleaded with them to let her through because she needed to take her baby to the hospital. It’s gotten 19.4 million views and counting, but it shows what scum these people are when they refuse to move.

Warning for loud noise:

“I have got a baby in my car and we have to get to the hospital!” the frustrated mom shouts at a Just Stop Oil activist while pointing to her stalled car.

Despite her pleas, the man continued to stand directly in front of her car while other stalled vehicles honked at the crowd to disperse.

“Move now! Now!” the distressed mother yelled at one activist.

She rushed back to her car as other stopped cars honk for the crowd to move, but the orange-vest-clad group maintains the line covering the entire width of the street as they slowly march in protest.


“What kind of people are you?” one man chastises them, telling them the woman has a baby.

Another man points out their hypocrisy — how “you make more pollution” — because they are holding people up and causing more emissions.

But they don’t care and refuse the entreaties of the people to let the woman through.

This was only one of the locations where 160 of these people were hitting all over the city. They were calling to end all new oil and gas licenses. They don’t seem to understand or care how that would hurt even more people.

They even tried to interrupt the British Open at the 17th green by throwing powder on the green, setting off a flare, and having their people rush onto the course.

American golfer Billy Horschel, who was playing the hole, helped security lead one of the protesters away before they could continue their antics.

Local police said in a statement that two men and two women were detained “on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage and public nuisance.”

One of the men involved told The Telegraph he rushed onto the green in hopes of invoking change for a better future.

“How many more children fleeing wildfires do we need to see before we do something?” Hailey Birch, 19, a student from Leicestershire said.

“This is not the world I want to live in and I will not be complicit in allowing this Government to carry on with their genocidal policies.”


They thought that they did something by throwing powder onto the green. But not only did they get dragged off and arrested to cheers, the powder didn’t last long.

So much for their stopping play and holes-in-one. All they do by such moves is anger everyone and turn more people against their efforts.


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