WATCH: Climate Activists Smear Paint All Over a Monet and Unite Everyone Against Them

Climate activist attack painting by Claude Monet in Sweden. (Credit: AP)

We’ve seen a lot of wild behavior from the climate crisis gang.

They’ve done things like stand in the middle of the highway, blocking traffic. If you want to find a way to tick people off and not have them listen to your cause, that would be one way. I wrote about how one irate lady let them have it as they blocked her trying to get to a job interview. But of course, they don’t care about how that might hurt that lady’s life, because the only thing that matters is what they want.


But they seem to have found another tactic that is also pointless and makes everyone disturbed with their forays into attacking art for attention. And they were at it again, this time in Sweden.

Two women smeared what looked like red paint all over a painting by Claude Monet and then they glued themselves to the painting, according to Sweden’s National Museum. The painting is “The Artist’s Garden at Giverny.”

This video is part funny and part scary with how cultlike they appear.

“The situation is urgent. The pandemic was nothing compared to the climate collapse. What’s coming can’t even be imagined. Children and the elderly [will] die first and will suffer non-stop but no one will make it in time,” Emma Fritzdotter claimed.

So how do we stop this coming disaster? “Ban peat mining, restore the wetlands,” she declared.

Her companion was even more strident, “Our health is under threat. The very basis of health is under threat.” “We will also suffer from famine, water shortages, conflicts,” she exclaimed.

So naturally, smearing paint on a famous painting that shows the beauty of nature makes perfect sense. Destroying a Monet will stop climate change. Not. What kind of sense does this make? The answer is none at all. This is just an attack on order and beauty. But this is how radical they are at this point. And everyone must be as miserable as they are.


Just like standing in the middle of the highway and preventing people from getting to work, this managed to tick off even the people who may have sympathy for their cause. There were more than two million views of the video and many were on the left saying this was going to turn people off.

Fortunately, there was glass over the painting, which was not clear from the video. The museum said that they were checking the painting to see if there was any damage, and that the exhibit was closed until Thursday as they assessed the situation.

Some people have raised questions about such attacks as to the reactions/involvement of the museum personnel, but the officials here condemned the action. ”We naturally distance ourselves from actions where art or cultural heritage risks being damaged … regardless of the purpose,” Per Hedström, the museum’s acting director, said.


Finally, it should be noted that the AP which covered the event couldn’t even describe it correctly. They smeared paint on the painting, they didn’t throw paint at it. And they glued themselves to the painting, not to the frame. So what else are they getting wrong when they can’t get those basic facts right?

The museum should play their game — they want to be glued to the painting? Shut off the lights and close the museum for the night, leaving them there. Then let’s see how long such things continue. Actions have consequences.


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