Bud Light Got 'Death Star' From Costco: Here's More Info on How Bad That Is

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A couple of days ago, I wrote about how we’re into the fourth month of the Bud Light boycott and they may have some big trouble, on top of everything else that’s hit them from the boycott. They appear to have gotten a “Death Star” on some of their products that are sold in some Costco stores.


The Death Star is an asterisk that goes on the price signs in the upper right-hand corner.

It’s a code that Costco uses, which indicates that the product will no longer be restocked. As we noted, it wasn’t clear how broad the use of the code is, how many stores it applies to, or if it applies to all the Bud Light products. But it was seen in multiple different stores, and on multiple different Bud Light products. Not a good sign.

But now we have a little more information from our former RedState colleague Kira Davis. Kira lives in Southern California, and she tweeted: “They’re not even selling Bud Light in my local Costco anymore.” “Don’t know when it stopped,” Kira said, “But I’ve noticed it’s not in stock anymore.”

As our sister site PJ Media observed, when even the folks in Southern California — not exactly a bastion of folks on the political right — are giving it the boot, you know something important is going on.


There’s another thing that reveals how deep this may be going, and how bad it truly is for Bud Light, as PJ Media’s Stephen Green explains.

According to Investopedia, Costco has 111 million members who pay between $60 and $120 a year for the privilege of shopping their discount items. The average US member, believe it or not, is “a 39-year-old college-educated Asian-American woman who earns more than $125,000 per year.”

These are not the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging morons the press would have you believe are the only ones put off by Bug Light’s newly woke marketing and outrageous sense of superiority over their own customers.

So when it’s hitting Costco, it’s not just the folks who are very involved in politics—it’s Main Street, Middle America. And Costco will only keep the things it thinks it can sell in stock. If it doesn’t think it can sell it, they’re not going to carry a product. And the bottom line is Bud Light isn’t selling. If Costco is looking at that, they may be figuring it just doesn’t make monetary sense to stock it in the future—if they aren’t going to get the sales out of it they would like.


Joe Rogan and Ice Cube’s take is another indication of how far this reaches and how people have had enough. As Rogan said, “People are sick of this sh*t.” Cube agreed that people don’t want politics being shoved in their beer mugs.

Then, as Bud Light takes the hits, there are alternatives like my colleague Mike Miller wrote about earlier on Thursday, with the new “Ultra Right” beer. There are also all kinds of other options. If you have alternatives, why would you ever buy Bud Light?



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