Joe Rogan and Ice Cube's Straight Fire Take on Bud Light Reveals Why We're Winning

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Things have been getting bad for Bud Light in the firestorm of the boycott against them.

They’ve lost a ton of money. They’ve tumbled out of the number one spot for beer sold in the country, overtaken by Modelo Especial. They’ve fallen out of the top ten most popular beers list; they’re now at 14. They’ve canned their executives. But they’re still putting out ridiculous ads that show that they’re clueless about how to deal with the controversy. They put out an ad of men grunting. They put out an ad showing their signature blue can blown off the table in a storm during a picnic while a woman was oblivious and devoured a watermelon, a perfect metaphor for what’s happened to their company and their response.


Not only didn’t they recover with the Fourth of July, there are now reports that in some Costco stores, some Bud Light products have earned the “Death Star” — an asterisk on the price description of a product that is a Costco code indicating the product will no longer be stocked. It’s not clear how far it extends or how many products it applies to, but if Costco is cutting Bud Light, that’s huge.

When folks like Joe Rogan and Ice Cube are bashing you, that’s another sign that you’re in big trouble and the boycott is working.

Rogan didn’t mince words when it came to transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Ice Cube didn’t just blast Bud Light/ He said he wanted to know who was responsible for all this disaster and endorsing transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney’s “365 Days of Girlhood.” He said people didn’t want this kind of politics, and Rogan said the American people were done with it.

“Who controls Bud Light? That’s the question. Why would they make a dumb decision like that. Are they trying to ruin Bud Light? And why would they want to ruin Bud Light? Are they trying to take down some of our most iconic American brands?” rapper O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson asked on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Rogan said that Americans are tired of woke politics taking over their lives.

“People are sick of this s–t. They’re sick of social things like that, that are controversial getting stuffed in your face, where you have to accept. People are like, ‘I don’t want to accept it.’”

“Politics really shouldn’t be in someone’s beer mug,” Ice Cube added.


That’s the bottom line here; that’s why the Bud Light boycott has had so much power, I think. People have had enough, and they’re just not going to take it anymore. This boycott has shown them they can have an effect, and it’s not letting up. Not only is it not letting up, but it’s also expanding to other brands that would take similar woke positions.

Rogan then nailed something I’ve been saying throughout this whole controversy. Part of the problem is that whoever is in charge seems clueless about the American people and their customer base. That’s why they keep putting out ads that are out of touch, and that’s why they endorsed Mulvaney.

“They don’t know any real people. They don’t know regular people,” Rogan said. “They have no idea that if you take a brand [like] Bud Light which is known for blue-collar drinking people that like to f—ing watch football and drink Bud Light, then all of a sudden you have this mentally ill person who’s just an attention w—e,” Rogan said, referring to Mulvaney.

Singer Kid Rock used several Bud Light cans as target practice in April, just days after Mulvaney’s video promoting the beer brand went viral online. “F— Bud Light and f— Anheuser-Busch! Have a terrific day,” the singer said to the camera after he shot and destroyed beer cans with an intense burst of gunfire.

“Once Kid Rock shoots your cans, you got real problems,” Rogan said.

Indeed, they’ve become a meme now for the clueless. People on social media haunt the Bud Light account posts and ratio them back to the stone age every time they post things like the storm ad. Their fired VP of marketing, Alissa Heinerschied, talked about the brand “as fratty” and “out of touch.” But it’s the “out of touch” part that’s the problem for them — and the refusal to admit they were wrong.


The American people know they are empowered. Not only are they not letting up, they’re standing against other woke entities. That’s the true perfect storm that Bud Light has helped to create.


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