CNN's Mocking Response to Cocaine at WH Tells Us All We Need to Know About Their Bias

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We’ve been reporting on the mystery of the cocaine found at the White House and how the story keeps changing. The latest report was that it was found in a “highly-trafficked” area of the West Wing where a lot of people enter, including people who are visiting the White House for tours.


The White House response from Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during the briefing was just embarrassing as she seemed to be trying to blame it on a visitor. Think of what they’re saying if they’re suggesting that. A visitor somehow got past the security measures and into the White House, then left a white powder there. We know now it was cocaine. But what if it had not been? That’s why they had the initial hazmat response, presumably, because they were concerned about what it could be. But the fact that anything got through means there’s a hole in the system somewhere. That’s a big problem.

Yet their response now seems to be that it’s “unlikely” we’ll find out who the culprit was. It’s like they’re already finding a way to get past this story because there are too many questions and inconvenient issues it raises.

Tell us you don’t want to figure out the problem without telling us. So either they want us to believe that random visitors were able to sneak drugs past security, or they want us not to wonder about Biden staff or family members. Either choice is not a good one.

You know that with yet another scandal, we’re going to get interesting reactions from the liberal media. So far, CNN wins the award for the worst media reaction reward. John Berman was speaking with Sara Sidner and Kate Bolduan. Berman was trying, but Sidner and Bolduan delivered something truly embarrassing, given the gravity of the situation.


“I want to know blow-by-blow who was responsible for this,” Sara Sidner said, snickering.

Berman said, “Too soon,” trying to get them back on track.

“There is no ‘too soon,'” Kate Bolduan responded. “It’s an illicit drug at the White House. Why can’t you have a little bit of fun?” she declared.

So it’s funny that the security of the building was compromised, someone snuck in the cocaine, and then was able to leave it around? This is not just bias on parade, it’s a lack of professionalism.

I’m willing to lay any amount of money that had this been during the Trump administration, these CNN hosts would not have been laughing and treating it so cavalierly, saying effectively “eh” and noting “no one was injured.” They would probably already be talking impeachment of Donald Trump and pointing fingers at people. Notice they’re not pointing at or even mentioning any Biden staff or family members in this.


Meghan McCain hit it on the head with this tweet.

But it was she and folks who backed Joe Biden who deceived themselves that he was going to be bringing back “decency.” Now they’re stunned at what they’re seeing. The evidence was all there to see that Biden wasn’t the guy he pretended to be. We can see that in so many things, even in the way Biden treats the granddaughter he refuses to even acknowledge, saying repeatedly he has six grandchildren rather than seven.

What Joe Biden has brought is chaos on every level, even into the people’s house, the White House. But CNN isn’t going to tell you the real story about that.



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