White House Responds to Cocaine Scandal in Insulting Fashion, and No One Is Buying It

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Who left a baggie of cocaine laying around the West Wing of the White House? You’d think that’d be an easy thing for the Biden administration to answer given the sheer amount of technology that exists on site. But alas, it’s a mystery that may never be solved.


That’s the talking point that went forth on Wednesday, with a “law enforcement official” leaking to the press that the culprit is unlikely to be found. You’d be forgiven for asking why the person is unlikely to be found. Isn’t the White House covered in cameras with all visitors being logged? Never mind that, though. Clearly, the Secret Service can’t be expected to figure out who left a baggie of cocaine at the place they are sworn to protect.

Don’t go look to administration officials for answers, either. They aren’t even assisting in the investigation.

A bag of hard drugs was found inside the White House, and the Biden administration isn’t even going to lend a helping hand in trying to figure out who did it. They could easily hand over schedules and other data that could reveal who was in the area the cocaine was found.

And blaming this on a tourist? Really?


How many tourists do you know, especially the kind that visits the White House, who just randomly leave cocaine sitting around? Last I checked, that stuff isn’t cheap, and the best guess of everyone to this point is that the cocaine was hidden somewhere and not just laying on a table (i.e. why it wasn’t found for several days). The tourist theory just makes no sense at all. That Karine Jean-Pierre is running with that is downright comical.

Again, there are cameras everywhere in the non-residence areas of the White House. There are security checks and various other means to track who goes in and out. Yet, the Biden administration is pretending this is some unsolvable happening. Why are they not helping the Secret Service? Why is the Secret Service not going over the tapes to see who stashed the coke there? None of this adds up.

One reporter pointed that out by noting that according to Jean-Pierre, anyone can apparently just walk into the White House with anything.

Does that seem true to you? Does it seem true that a random tourist was able to sneak cocaine onto a White House tour and just decided to leave it hidden? Who does that? Why would anyone do that?


Or does it seem more likely that a tourist couldn’t have brought the cocaine into the White House without being caught, or at the very least, wouldn’t have been taking it out to leave behind? That leaves the most logical explanation, which is that the Biden administration has a pretty darn good idea of where the cocaine came from and they are protecting someone.

Why, whoever could that be? Could it be the president’s son who regularly sleeps over at the White House and has a long history of drug addiction? Oh, who am I kidding? That’s just crazy talk.



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