Alyssa Milano's Podcast Steps Into the Middle of the Rogan Debate Challenge Between Peter Hotez and RFK Jr.

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I reported earlier about the throwdown between podcaster Joe Rogan and vaccine researcher Peter Hotez. Hotez had been on his show before, but when Rogan had on Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Hotez flipped out and retweeted a VICE article accusing Joe Rogan of spreading “vaccine misinformation.”


Then Rogan offered Hotez $100,000 to the charity of his choice to come on his show and debate RFK Jr.

That’s when the scrambling from Hotez — who did not want to debate Rogan — began. Hotez tweeted, then deleted that he wanted $50 million and an apology from RFK Jr. Then he tried to make nice with Rogan, who now wasn’t buying it, pointing out that Hotez had in May called him part of a “coalition with neofascist leanings” along with Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, and RFK Jr. If Hotez thinks those guys are leaning toward “neofascists,” you know that he’s more than a little confused. He doesn’t think that Joe Biden is a “neofascist” apparently, but he thought that Team Biden needed to be “prepared” for this “coalition,” according to that May post.

Everyone on the internet seemed to jump into the questions. Tom Nichols (“The Expert”) entered the fray and was squashed by Rogan. Even Elon Musk even got into the mix, saying Hotez was afraid to debate. The offer on the money for the debate got bumped up by other people adding to it, and now it’s more than $1.5 million.


Bottom line: if you think you’re right and the science is on your side, why not debate? It’s a perfect opportunity to do in the vaccine skeptics then, right? If you watch Rogan’s show, he lets people have all the time they want to make their points. It would give you access to millions who might not otherwise hear what you have to say. But Hotez didn’t want to do it.

Now we have a funny development in the quest for the debate, and it comes from Alyssa Milano’s podcast account.

When last we heard from Alyssa, she was ranting about Musk removing her blue checkmark, asking if he could be liable for fraud or identity theft, which was pretty hilarious.

Now the podcast account has come to the defense of Hotez.

For the record, @PeterHotez has been on our podcast multiple times. He doesn’t need to debate a science-denier on the podcast of someone who has given platforms to science deniers. He’s already won the debate with the truth.

Well, now that Alyssa has spoken, I guess that means the case is closed and we can all go home now.

Does Milano even know what science is? It isn’t about shutting off debate; indeed, it’s about debating/investigating weighty questions. But that’s the liberal mindset in a nutshell — you must adhere to the narrative, whatever it is, and no questions are allowed. That’s why it was so wild when so much of the media tried to cut off anyone who questioned that narrative during the pandemic.


Musk made a similar general point.

Finally, in another classic liberal move, when Milano’s podcast account posted their declaration, they cut off all replies to the tweet. So they didn’t want people even to question the post, much less have a discussion about the science.

But some did remember to post about Milano’s crochet mask.



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