Alyssa Milano Has Funniest Meltdown After Removal of Her 'Legacy Check,' Elon Has Perfect Response

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As we reported on Thursday, Twitter head Elon Musk had announced that the “legacy blue checks” would go away by 4/20 if people didn’t pay for a Twitter Blue subscription. He went through with it, and as I noted, the liberal fits were something to behold.


It’s hard to judge the funniest/most extreme one given there were so many nutty reactions, including one “journalist” who claimed that people were going to die because of Musk’s actions. That was a pretty good one.

But I didn’t see the Alyssa Milano reaction before I wrote up the prior story and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it because it is such a classic liberal response.

Milano has had some epic tantrums at Twitter and Musk in the past. Whatever the current liberal “thing” is, Milano will eagerly jump aboard it. So when the left went into their “hate on Elon Musk” mode, she was right there, even though she had praised him in the past. Once he was put on the “hate list,” she said she had “given back” her Tesla because Musk “now wants to ENABLE Nazism.” What did she claim to have replaced her Tesla with? A Volkswagen electric vehicle. She then had to be told about the history of Volkswagen and the connection to the actual Nazis (not the “everyone is a Nazi if I don’t like them” Nazis).

But on Thursday, she proved once again that the only thing she has a grasp on is the latest liberal narrative.

Warning for graphic language:


“So by revoking my blue check mark because I wouldn’t pay some arbitrary fee, someone can just be me and say a bunch of bullshit,” Milano ranted. “Does that mean Twitter and @elonmusk are liable for defamation or identity theft or fraud?”

How typically liberal that she thinks that she should get something for nothing because she’s special and she shouldn’t have to pay.

She thinks that someone can now just be her and “say a bunch of bullshit.” Her whole account is a stream of nonsense so who would know the difference if someone did that? Who would want to be her anyway? But there are rules on Twitter against impersonation in any event.

What the heck is she even saying about Elon being liable for “defamation or identity theft or fraud” in her tweet?

Hilarious. No, Alyssa, a private company removing your blue check is none of the above.

She also limited her replies so she didn’t have to hear from people who might tell her things she didn’t like.

She was so upset that she added a blue diamond to her profile to make sure you understood she was special and said she wasn’t going to pay. But she wants people to subscribe to her podcast. That’s what she’s been reduced to, and she doesn’t see the irony there.

It’s not hard to see why she might have problems with legal concepts.


But Elon Musk, with his typical humor, had an answer for Milano’s trauma. He responded to Ed Krassenstein who was defending Milano.

He was having great fun with it.

That would be fun. They might just raise two or three dollars, although probably not enough to “save” Alyssa.



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