Biden Descends Into Fantasyland on the Supply Chain and Football

Joe Biden’s basic problem? He lives in a land of unreality, where he just makes things up that largely are not fact-checked by the liberal media, so he generally isn’t held to account for a lot of what he says which just isn’t true.


He was speaking at a computer chip manufacturing plant in Bay City, Michigan, about the economy. As we reported, he uttered this gem about the American Rescue Plan.

We passed the American Rescue Plan. Now everybody knows it, but we did so much, no one knows the effects of it yet. It’s just coming into play. So many things you’re going to find out that we’ve already done that we haven’t been able to actually implement yet.

Well, how could it already be done, if you haven’t been able to “actually implement [it] yet” or is that too logical a question? Plus, let’s not forget it was the American Rescue Plan that has led to the decidedly “unrescuing” inflation that we have been suffering from for more than a year. But Joe lied about that as well claiming that the prices at the grocery store were going down, when we might just have had the most expensive Thanksgiving ever.

But he didn’t just limit the fantasy land to inflation. He spoke about the “supply chain” as well and asked the audience, “Ten years ago, how many of you knew what the hell a supply chain was?”


Um, Joe? Probably pretty much every thinking adult knew what it was. It’s part of the normal course of life — it’s not rocket science understanding that it exists. But we grant you that you have definitely brought it into sharper focus by causing shortages of so many things across the country. Shortages we never would have expected to have. And that’s not a good thing. But maybe, because he’s lived his whole life in Washington, D.C. and not in the real world, maybe he didn’t know until he screwed it up. I’m thinking the union guys in the audience like these guys who were probably forced to go to this farce of an event knew and they didn’t look happy.

The look on their faces says it for all of us, having to deal with the disaster that Joe Biden has brought us.

But Biden had one more flight of fancy, claiming he could have been an “All American” if he’d had a guy in the audience blocking in front of him when he played “flankerback.”

Ah, he’s at it again, Biden and his puffery. He seems particularly obsessed with “All-American.” He’s previously falsely claimed his grandfather was an All-American. Now, Biden wasn’t even close to being an All-American. He played freshman football briefly in college before having to quit because his grades were bad.


But many wondered what the heck was a “flankerback”? If you don’t speak “Biden” don’t worry, it’s better to speak reality. People who came to know football in the modern era, after leather helmets, were mystified. Some noted what a flanker was (think wide receiver). But it just emphasized again how ancient and out of it Biden was. Biden being a “flankerback” — in the fantasy football league — is a bit like the imaginary fight with Corn Pop or him driving an 18-wheeler.


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