Biden Demonstrates That Even Wearing Pants Is a Challenge for Him

Biden at a Friday evening parade, Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C. Credit: RNC Research/Twitter.

I never thought we’d be in a position where we’d have someone who was the alleged leader of our country who is such a constant embarrassment to the United States. And more than just an embarrassment; it’s a danger when our enemies, and those who wish us ill, see who we have occupying the Oval Office.


But Joe Biden has done so many things that have projected weakness and incompetence to the world, it starts to get cumulative. It’s why a big majority of Americans question whether he’s mentally fit for the job, and a bigger majority believe he is too old. It’s also why so many other Democrats are casting around for other candidates.

As I wrote earlier, 36 percent of Democrats want someone other than Biden — with 20 percent for Robert F. Kennedy Jr, 8 percent for Marianne Williamson, and 8 percent for someone else. That’s an incredibly high number for someone trying to run again. But it’s because they see all the issues with Biden.

Most Americans would rather the Democrats put forth another candidate other than Joe Biden. When a candidate is tripping and falling, and one has to wonder if he’s going to make it through a sentence every day, you know he has a big problem. When he can’t get through a speech to the American people without lying his head off, as he did during his Oval Office debt deal address, that’s a big problem. But Democrats refuse to face it because it would threaten their hold on power.


Biden went to the Friday Evening Parade at Marine Barracks in D.C., they told him where he had to go.

But then he had another embarrassing moment. As he got up from where he was sitting to walk over to participate in the ceremony, he had to have a Marine help point him to his mark, and he walked over to it with a gait that makes him look like he was 100 years old.

He didn’t realize his right pants leg was riding up around his knee until he hit his mark. Then he bent over to try to fix it but seemed to have trouble, even with that. You can see the Marine looking at him; imagine what he must have been thinking.

Here’s the video of when he hit his head the day after he fell at the Air Force Academy. Again, you see his right pants leg riding up his leg, but this time, it looks like there’s something under the pants around his knee, it’s bunching up at the knee, or perhaps it’s a trick of the light but it doesn’t happen with the other leg.


So, a question for the media to ask Biden. Does he just have the worst case of embarassing static cling ever? Did he hurt his knee, and they just don’t want to tell us or does this have something to do with his neuropathy problem that they have declared? Unfortunately, the problem is that they lie so much, if they tell you he wasn’t hurt when he fell at the Air Force Academy, you can’t necessarily believe what they say.

But whatever this was, it’s a sad state of affairs when this is the guy we’re stuck with.


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