Biden Confused in Japan, Led by Jill, Almost Falls Down the Stairs

AP Photo/Hiro Komae

Joe Biden is in Japan now for the G7 meeting, right in the middle of challenging debt negotiation meetings with the Republicans. That’s all on him because he delayed meeting with Republicans for so long. He had planned on being abroad longer, after the G7 but he’s amended his plans and will be coming back to try to make a deal after he got shamed into it by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).


But now Biden is in Japan doing what he generally does when he’s overseas — embarrassing the heck out of us.

Biden was meeting with other leaders and doing the obligatory photo-ops with them. But when you watch him meeting with Japanese leader Fumio Kishida, you can see him being led by the hand of his handler, Jill Biden, at about 53 seconds into the video below.

Then when he was introduced to Kishida’s wife, who was shorter than him, he made some kind of a weird movement that almost seemed like he was mocking her height as he bent over and clenched his fists while acknowledging her.

Kishida had to direct Joe to his spot since he didn’t seem to be getting where he was supposed to stand. “We’ll figure it out,” Jill said as Joe finally got it.

Then later in the day, he went to meet the leaders at the Itsukushima Shrine. He reportedly stared intently at the eight steps down to meet Kishida, then tried it and still tripped in the process down the stairs.

Fortunately, he didn’t fall, as it was all hard stone around him, and that could have been a big problem. In the past, he’s managed to fall up his airplane stairs multiple times.

Kishida had to direct him to where the other leaders were, with a gentle hand on his back, again you could see the confusion on Biden’s face.


Here he was also getting impatient having to wait to be told when to go out.

How bad is all the effort to have to direct him? They even have to write down to tell him to “thank Fumio” as part of the notes of his remarks that Getty caught again.

Why the heck would you have to write that down? And if he’s just going to read a script, they could have just phoned it in, he didn’t have to go. But as we’ve seen, he’s always carrying the note cards that tell him what to do or say about every little thing.

There was the time he was meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and he had a panic when he appeared to have misplaced the notes. He was supposed to be listening to what Trudeau was saying but instead, he ended up scrambling for the notes.

Biden was caught with a “cheat sheet” of notes during a press conference showing reporters, names, when they would be called on and even a question, after he met with the South Korean president at the White House.


A poll released earlier this month showed that 63 percent of Americans didn’t think Biden was mentally-sharp enough to be able to run the country effectively and that say they don’t think the 80-year-old is mentally sharp enough to run the nation effectively and 62 percent believe Biden is not in good enough physical health to be in the Oval Office. Another poll showed that 73 percent of Americans think his age is a serious or somewhat serious problem, and 55 percent think others are making the decisions for him behind the scenes. That’s pretty clear from the notes.

At this point, we’d be better off if he just phoned it in, rather than him going to these meetings and exposing all his issues to the world. This is endangering us all.


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