WATCH: Biden State Dept Spox Gets Nailed for Telling a Huge Whopper

State Department Photo by Ron Przysucha

Joe Biden and his administration aren’t shy about telling big whoppers.

But sometimes the very audacity of the lies is something else, such as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s lie that it was really the Republicans who wanted to defund the police, and not the Democrats who had been pushing it this whole past year. That really took some kind of nerve to try to spin that, given all the evidence to the contrary. Does she think people slept through the past year?


But Biden’s State Department spokesperson, Ned Price, decided he wanted to get in on the whopper-telling, and not just leave it to Psaki, Joe Biden, and the rest.

AP reporter Matt Lee is one of the few reporters who has a long memory, isn’t a 27 year old easily spun by Democratic talking points, and will ask real questions. Lee asked a question about the administration’s position that they couldn’t change the agreement with the Taliban because it had been negotiated by the prior administration.

Price responded, but immediately stepped in it big time with a whopper.

Yes, we changed quite a few U.S. policies across a number of fronts, but I think you would be hard-pressed to find an international agreement that the United States signed on to during the last administration that this administration has jettisoned, done away with. This is the point that we have made in any number of different —

QUESTION: How about the Geneva protocol on the anti-abortion stuff?

MR PRICE: This was the point that we have made on any number of steps about the importance of the durability of American foreign policies – American foreign policy across administrations.

QUESTION: How about the agreements with the Northern Triangle, with Mexico and the Northern Triangle? Those are international agreements that you guys jettisoned.

MR PRICE: These are – Matt, I think —

QUESTION: I mean, you just challenged me to come up with an international agreement that the previous administration signed that you guys have walked away from, and I just gave you, I think, three.


This is how a real reporter acts. Nice job — Lee immediately came up with three that were fairly obvious. He leaves Price a stuttering mess and searching through his notes for a response. That’s what reporters are supposed to do, challenge and hold the administration’s feet to the fire. But seriously, what is Price thinking? Again, do they think we don’t see that Biden blew up international agreements that Trump made? That’s one of the main reasons the border is in crisis, because he threw those agreements under the bus. They’re trying to argue for the “durability” of agreements? Then maybe they should have upheld those ones which were working, not blown them up because they had been made by President Donald Trump.

When they’re trying to get away with such colossal whoppers, you know they’re trying to get away with all kinds of stuff that isn’t as obvious, too.


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