Joe Biden Tried to Address a World Leader at His HBCU Speech, Things Did Not Go Well

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As RedState reported, President Joe Biden spoke at this year’s commencement at Howard University, and it was what we’ve come to expect from any public appearance involving the ailing president.


While there, he wiggled in his seat like a child in church and stoked racial division. You know, real par for the course stuff. But he also did something else that didn’t make the viral clips that were circulating online. Apparently, he tried to address the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago and to put it frankly, things did not go well.

I’ll type it out for those who don’t want to click the tweet above. But a fair warning, it is migraine-inducing stuff.

And it’s truly special — Special to join fellow honorees. Prime Minister Rowley of — (laughs) — Prime Minister — Prime Minister, I didn’t know you were so talented. (Laughter.) I just thought you were foreign policies — you know, Latin American guy. I — you know, I — we got to talk. (Laughter).

Biden’s handlers broke Bonchie’s first rule in things you do not let Biden do in public: Thou shalt not let the president address anyone in the room. I don’t remember the last time that worked out without some combination of mispronunciation, forgetfulness, or trying to shout out dead people.


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At least Rowley is alive, I suppose. “I just thought you were foreign policies?” What is that even supposed to mean? Also, last I checked, Trinidad and Tobago is part of South America, not Latin America. And the president can’t even remember the country that the guy serves despite an admission that they “got to talk?”

My favorite part of Biden’s senility is that crowds just laugh at the fact that he can’t formulate a sentence or remember basic details. It’s not like he’s saying anything funny, but what else are the adoring left-wingers who populate his speeches supposed to do?

It’s like a nervous, side-eye kind of laughter because they know what they are seeing isn’t normal. They know that a president should be able to remember the name of a world leader that he purposely sought to address. That he can’t is a liability, and it’s one that even his biggest supporters recognize. They just don’t know how to respond to it aside from giggling over top of his flubs in the hope that no one notices.


I remain a natural cynic when it comes to politics. I’m usually expecting the worst even in the best of times, but not even I am confident Biden can keep this from being a major issue. He has to actually campaign in 2024, especially if he’s facing someone he can’t just demagogue with January 6th references. What happens when this guy is having to actually do campaign stops outside of the protective bubble he’s built for himself? Nothing good is what happens.


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