Biden Ducks Reporters, Makes Creepy Comments to Kids as Border Is About to Implode

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden was facing a “day of infamy” on Thursday — in the words of President Donald Trump — as Title 42 is about to be lifted and everything is about to get so much worse with the border crisis.


Trump made those remarks at the CNN town hall last night where he wiped the floor with Kaitlan Collins and had the audience applauding.

So what did Joe Biden have on his public schedule for the day when he should be addressing all the border chaos that is about to erupt?

Apart from Biden’s daily briefing, all he had was remarks about “historic conservation actions” he claimed his administration had taken. That’s how hard he’s working to address the border issues.

Biden’s handlers were concerned about what reporters might ask him about Title 42. So even though it was an event where they had members of the public on the lawn of the White House, they kept the reporters well back so they couldn’t ask Biden anything.

Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich explained, “White House restricts reporters behind a rope at the far back of the Rose Garden during Biden’s only public event today – eliminating the chance of even a shouted question – hours before Title 42 lifts.”

Biden spoke about the Inflation Reduction Act, admitting it was “the largest investment in climate and environmental justice and conservation ever, anywhere, period.”


What it didn’t do was reduce inflation, which under Biden is still spiraling out of control.

But Biden’s focus didn’t appear to be on Title 42 or conservation. It appeared to be on the young people in the audience.

He made this weird comment that some considered pretty creepy about “young ladies” who were at the event.

“Looking at the guys up front here, having to put on ties when you’re on a school day, that’s a hard thing to do,” Biden said. “And all you lovely young ladies, you’re not hot, are you?”

Why is he asking the girls if they’re hot? If he’s talking about heat, why isn’t he asking the boys? How strange is he?

If that wasn’t weird enough, he wasn’t done there. He then asked, “All the kids under the age of 15, come on up here”


Music starts playing so you can’t hear what he’s saying to the kids as they come up. Fortunately, I didn’t see him sniffing any of them. But again there’s that fixation on young kids. He also looked incredibly old. But Biden’s priorities say it all.

Where was the transparency with reporters that he’s promised in the past? Completely absent. Where were the answers on Title 42? Also completely absent. All we know is that they are now about to let anyone in and release them without any means, and with no effort to even track them. That’s where Joe Biden has taken us with his policies. We’re going to be seeing illegal aliens all over our streets across America because of Biden and they have no real response to any of it. Indeed, while the Republicans passed a border security bill on Thursday, 211 Democrats voted against it.

That’s what Democrats think about protecting our country.


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