Pic Showing Bud Light Being Served at RNC Spring Meeting Has People Asking if They're Tone-Deaf

If we’re going to win in 2024 and boot the Democrats out of the White House, we’re going to need to be all in together on everything we need to do to win.


Part of that is understanding what the base is about to be able to help drive the votes out to the polls, come the election. If we can’t do that then we’re going to have issues as Scott Presler notes. He’s done more than almost anyone to help register people and get people out to the polls. We can win, but we have to do the work and get things in place. We can’t just rely upon people being disgusted with Joe Biden and our candidates and policies being better, in order to win. All the Democrats care about are votes and control, and they are working on all this.

As my colleague Jeff Charles wrote a couple of days ago, we should be listening to what folks like Scott Presler are saying, in order to win. Click on the following to see the full tweet.

The most vital thing is ensuring election integrity or we’re just going to be facing some of the same issues again. We need to ensure the counting of the votes if we are going to ensure the elections.


Presler was trying to get hold of Ronna Romney McDaniel but has been having no luck. If she’s not listening to someone working so hard to get folks elected, then what is she doing?

Either you are committed to winning or you are not.

TPUSA’s Benny Johnson raised another question about the RNC Spring Meeting that had a lot of people talking on Twitter on Wednesday night. He said an insider told him they were breaking out the Bud Light at the event.

RedState has confirmed with multiple people in attendance that Bud Light was indeed available at the hotel, but that it is part of the standard offerings the hotel cash bar makes available and wasn’t specifically requested.

But it raises the question again: Does the RNC leadership get where the base is coming from? Are they reading the room? Or are they truly that tone-deaf? Because they need to understand the base. It’s hard to imagine they do when you see them not picking up on what Presler is laying down and they don’t seem to be fully focused on winning.


I did find this warning from RNC National Committeeman Tyler Bowyer of Arizona, who is also the Chief Operating Officer of Turning Point USA, that people better not be drinking that stuff.

So it does look like at least someone there may get it.

But it’s stuff like this that we have to get figured out if we are going to wrest control from the Democrats, and our window of time is quickly closing.

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