Scott Presler's Strategies Could Propel the GOP to Victory in 2024, but Are Republicans Ready to Change?

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Scott Presler, a prominent conservative activist and probably the hardest-working man in Republican politics, recently made recommendations for the Republican Party to adopt new strategies in the upcoming 2024 elections. He believes that if Republicans solely rely on traditional voting methods and do not actively engage in voter registration, ballot harvesting, and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) initiatives, they will risk losing to the Democrats, who have been known to employ these tactics effectively.

In a post on Twitter, Presler acknowledges that in the 2020 elections, there were issues with machine errors in some polling locations, such as in Maricopa County, Arizona, which led to concerns about the integrity of the election process. To mitigate the impact of these issues, he advocates for the Republican Party to proactively build “robust” operations for voter registration and ballot harvesting.

Ballot harvesting is a practice in which individuals or organizations collect and deliver ballots on behalf of others, typically for voters who may have difficulty returning their ballots themselves, such as elderly, disabled, or homebound individuals. It involves collecting completed ballots from voters and delivering them to polling stations or election offices.

Proponents argue that it can increase voter turnout and accessibility, particularly among marginalized communities. However, critics, especially on the right, raise concerns about potential fraud, manipulation, and coercion in the process, as well as challenges to the transparency and security of the election process.

Ballot harvesting regulations vary by state, with some states allowing or even encouraging the practice, while others have restrictions or outright bans on it. Nevertheless, Democrats have used it to great effect during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his tweet, the activist emphasizes the importance of focusing on GOTV initiatives, which aim to mobilize and encourage voters to cast their ballots. These initiatives typically involve grassroots efforts to reach out to voters, engage with them, and ensure that they are registered and motivated to participate in the elections. He suggested that a strong GOTV operation can be a game-changer in securing electoral victories.

Furthermore, the activist stresses the need for the Republican Party to welcome and engage with Generation Z, the youngest generation of eligible voters. He suggests that the party should appeal to Gen Z by focusing on issues that directly impact their quality of life, such as the economy, education, and job opportunities.

By prioritizing these issues and actively involving Gen Z in their efforts, he believes that Republicans can expand their base and improve their chances of success in future elections. This might be a tall order considering that the GOP has struggled to attract younger voters.

While the responses to Presler’s suggestions were mostly in agreement with his remarks, there were still plenty who opposed his ideas. They argue that ballot harvesting can open the door to potential voter fraud and manipulation, as it involves collecting and handling other people’s ballots. Some also believe that relying too heavily on GOTV initiatives and other unconventional tactics can be seen as desperate measures that undermine the integrity of the electoral process.

It is also worth noting that Presler mentioned reaching out to Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel about this and has received no response. In fact, he said he has been trying to get a response from McDaniel for “11 consecutive days” without an answer.

Despite the controversy surrounding these recommendations, it is clear Scott Presler is passionate about the Republican Party’s success in the upcoming 2024 elections. To many, it has been abundantly clear that the GOP needs to adapt to the changing times and develop new strategies to engage with voters effectively.

Whether or not his ideas gain widespread support within the party remains to be seen, but his call for a more proactive and multi-pronged approach to winning elections has sparked important discussions about the future of the Republican Party’s electoral strategies. The real question is this: Is the GOP base ready to push its leaders to start evolving their tactics?

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