WATCH: AOC Celebrates Tucker 'De-platforming,' Fails to Understand What's Been Unleashed

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The announcement about Tucker Carlson and Fox “parting ways” on Monday truly was a bombshell.

I don’t think anyone anticipated it, including him. He always seemed to think he had the freedom to say what he wanted. He also knew that he was the cornerstone of Fox’s news/opinion network. So this move has to make all their hosts feel nervous. Perhaps that’s the point. This is going to hurt Fox substantially with their viewers.


But many on the left celebrated the move.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) had previously given an interview to former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki that aired on Sunday. In it, AOC spoke about what should be “allowed on air,” essentially calling for a ban on Tucker Carlson and other Fox hosts.

AOC claimed Carlson “very clearly” incited violence. So if it’s so clear, please list the “incitement of violence”? She can’t because the claim is just nonsense.

After the news came down about Carlson on Monday, AOC was celebrating, taking a victory lap, and acting like she had something to do with it. “Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News,” she preened. “Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy,” she said sarcastically.

Then she repeated the false claim that somehow Carlson was driving “death threats” to her and others. She acted like a 12-year-old child, comparing Carlson to a Marvel villain who might re-emerge. “Um, I also kind of feel like I’m, like, waiting for the cut scene at the end of a Marvel movie after all the credits have rolled, and then you see like the villain’s like hand re-emerge out to grip over like the end of a building or something.”


“Deplatforming works,” she then finished, calling it a good thing.

That’s the Democrats in a nutshell — they are the fascists about whom they complain. They want to shut down the speech of their opponents. She doesn’t even understand or care about free speech. Because she doesn’t like what he has to say, he shouldn’t be allowed to speak, in her judgment.

AOC even bragged about her efforts to shut Carlson down in her fundraising correspondence, according to the National Review. She claimed he was “directly” responsible for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

“Alexandria directly challenges Tucker Carlson and all the many voices like him that are sadly still on the air. She deftly exposes their hypocrisy, calls out their racism and misogyny, and advances policy that will create the more just, inclusive world they so desperately oppose,” the message reads.

Democrats don’t care about free speech, all they care about is control. They’re down with censorship — if it helps them. Yet they freaked out and claimed President Donald Trump was attacking free speech by calling fake news “fake news.” It’s always projection when what they do is far worse.


Not only has Fox committed network suicide with this move, but it has also now helped feed this de-platforming effort by the Democrats, whatever the real reason for the “parting of the ways.” Democrats will believe their fascism works and this will embolden them all the more.

Tucker Carlson will likely land on his feet and he will not be silenced. If he was at all inhibited by Fox in the past, he will now be completely free to say whatever he wants and he will likely carry his viewers with him to wherever he lands. So AOC celebrates a little soon, but that’s typical of a fascist. This is likely a further move to more independent media and away from legacy media that will try to control what we have to say. AOC thinks it’s “Fox” that is stopping Americans from falling for the Democratic narrative. She doesn’t get it’s the American people who aren’t buying their lies. Democrats don’t understand that the more it becomes decentralized and the more their efforts open people’s eyes, the harder the American people will be to control and the more the Democrats’ ideas will fail.




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