AOC Trips Over All Kinds of Rakes Accusing Trump and Sons of Intimidating Judge

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The Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler spread a misleading story about the two older Trump sons, Don, Jr., and Eric. He claimed that they were posting a picture of the daughter of the judge in the Trump case “obviously intended to intimidate.”


This was utter nonsense and a vile smear. What they did was link to a story showing that the judge’s daughter worked for both Kamala Harris and that her consulting company, of which she was allegedly the president, represented the Biden-Harris campaign. That would seem a particularly relevant fact, as would the Judge being a Biden donor and donating to a group that was “resisting” Trump. When you link to any story on Twitter, it shows the picture in that story — that, in this case, happened to be the judge and his adult daughter. Multiple media outlets ran stories about the judge and his daughter because possible bias is a newsworthy story. It is not intimidation.

But according to Kessler, the Trump sons citing that story is “totally irrelevant” and is somehow “intended to intimidate,” completely outing himself as a partisan, as if anyone had any doubt. Potential bias is “irrelevant,” according to Kessler, and should be swept under the rug. Kessler then also removed the link to the stories that showed the pictures when he tweeted about the Trump sons’ tweets, thus obscuring the truth of the matter, as well as preventing anyone who might see his tweet from seeing the stories about the potential bias.

I mentioned that other people went over the slide on this as well. You had some idiotic responses to this from people who identify as adults and “journalists.”


Talk about “Trump Arraignment Syndrome.” How could anyone take any of these characters seriously?

Then there was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY). “Because nothing says “innocent” like threatening a judge’s family,” she lied.

There was no threat. But hey, what do the facts matter in their effort to smear and take down their political opponents?

Think about what a brazen bit of bull cookies that is for a second. Just linking to the story about the bias that the judge and/or his family might have is now terrorism to the Democrats. There must be “accountability” for this, she rants. How dare anyone question Democrats when they go after political opponents? You darn fascists. You must be quiet now! But it’s not fascism when we all must comply and supposedly objective media obscures the facts.


AOC carried it even further when she accused Trump himself of trying to intimidate the judge because Trump mentioned the problem.

Again, there was no threat. So now you’re not allowed to talk about potential bias? I would also note this is incredibly dumb on her part because again she’s highlighting the potential bias for a whole group of people who might not have known about it otherwise.

Imagine the hypocrisy here. Let’s talk about real intimidation of judges — which we saw on brilliant display when it came to Supreme Court Justices and the Democrats.

Who can forget Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), then the House Speaker, encouraging people to get out there to make the justices change their votes on the pending abortion Dobbs case so Roe would not be overturned? She said they had limited time to get the draft opinion “improved” through their efforts to force the justices to do what they wanted.


That’s a crime to protest outside a judge’s home or courthouse to influence the decision, as we noted at the time. “No one is above the law” and that was all cool.

Who can forget the left stalking the justices outside their homes, with the addresses passed around so they could intimidate them? One person even targeted Justice Brett Kavanaugh for assassination.

What was AOC’s response to the efforts to intimidate Kavanaugh, with protesters even following him to a restaurant and him having to slip out the back door for safety? She mocked Kavanaugh.

Did AOC just refer to Marie Antoinette there? That sounds like an effort to intimidate as well since Marie Antoinette was guillotined and lost her head.

Let’s not forget this real intimidation from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY)


Oh, and if referencing family is intimidating, both AOC and Glenn Kessler have an issue here.

This is so dumb. But it shows how desperate they are here, to throw anything up against the wall to get Trump.


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