Twitter Fact Checks WaPo Fact-Checker for Misleading Claim About Trump Sons and Judge's Daughter

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There have been a lot of reactions to the Trump news surrounding the arraignment, and no doubt it would be hard to pick the worst one. We have a festival of bad liberal reactions on the matter.


But one that has to be right up there is from the Washington Post fact-checker, Glenn Kessler. We reported the other day how Kessler had a meltdown over Twitter Community Notes fact-checking him on his assertion that George Soros had not “funded” Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

But Kessler doubled down on the bad and dumb with what he posted about the adult Trump sons and their tweets on Tuesday. One of the stories circulating was that the judge in the Trump case had a daughter who had worked for Kamala Harris and who was the president of a consulting company that had the Biden-Harris campaign as a client. Additionally, the judge had donated to Biden’s campaign, and even donated to a group dedicated to “resisting Trump.” One would think that’s a pretty important story and might impact people’s perception of the case. The two adult Trump sons — Don, Jr., and Eric — each linked to a story about the daughter on Twitter. The story raises a potential conflict of interest and a question of whether the judge can be impartial or whether he should recuse himself.


In response, Kessler claimed that the sons were trying to intimidate the judge and/or the daughter. He even clipped out the link with the pic, obscuring that they were linking a story and that’s why the judge’s daughter’s picture was in the tweet, not because they were just posting her picture. So that’s just outright deceptive from a guy who’s supposed to be a fact-checker and certainly knows that linking the story would pull the picture.

Was he trying to shut down the story by removing the link and the fact that there was a story there? Is he saying that people can’t post news articles that might not be helpful to the case against Trump? Shades of the Hunter Biden laptop. But to accuse the sons of trying to intimidate by linking a story that shows a potential problem in the case was just vile. Nothing the sons said suggested intimidation at all, indeed, it was about exposing a potential problem in the case that certainly seems very newsworthy.


It wasn’t just Kessler. Multiple other media people/folks on the left repeated the same false story and spread all over Twitter that Don and Eric were somehow “threatening the judge.”

But whatever he was trying to do here also backfired. Instead of shutting down the story, Kessler’s action highlighted it now to everyone, including Democrats who otherwise might not have seen it.

This shows how over-the-line media is getting at this point.

Not only that but Twitter Community Notes had to call him out again and post the truth about what had happened. They posted the links which Kessler left out.

Here’s what they added to Kessler’s post for context so people would understand what the truth was.

Prepare for another meltdown from Kessler. You know it’s coming.



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