WH Refuses to Rule out Confiscation of Guns in Concerning Remarks

WH Refuses to Rule out Confiscation of Guns in Concerning Remarks
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In the wake of the shooting at the Christian school in Nashville, Joe Biden is going all-in to try to go after guns.

When he spoke about the shooting, he made it clear that he had no idea what he was talking about when it comes to guns, claiming that an “AR-15 bullet” “blows up once it’s inside the body.” Then he also revealed he had no idea what the laws are when it comes to guns. He claimed that machine guns and automatic weapons were illegal (they aren’t although they are restricted or have special requirements to get them). He also said you couldn’t own a flamethrower when indeed, you can order one on Amazon. This is the guy who is now trying to impose edicts about guns.

The White House is saying the quiet part out loud and they aren’t being shy about it, as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre revealed during her briefing on Wednesday. This makes it very clear what their intent is.

A reporter brought up to Jean-Pierre that in the last presidential race in 2020, one of the Democratic candidates said he would “come for” AR-15s (try to confiscate them). The reporter was referencing Beto O’Rourke who said, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” Then Joe Biden talked about O’Rourke “taking care of the gun problem with me,” and said, “you’re going to be the one who leads this effort.” So the reporter asked if Joe Biden supported “not just banning the sale and manufacture of semi-automatic weapons, but further than that, confiscation?” That should have been a simple answer if you’re against confiscation. But it wasn’t for Jean-Pierre.

KJP said AR-15s and “assault weapons” were “weapons of war and they should not be on the streets across the country, in our communities.” She continued, “They should not be in schools, they should not be in grocery stores, they should not be in churches.”

That sure sounds like they’re going to try to grab guns to me. They’re not weapons of war, they are normal rifles used safely every day by millions of Americans. But Biden wants to demonize guns and run over the rights of Americans rather than deal with the hard problems of crime and violent deranged people.

The reporter followed up on that question, detailing just how many AR-15s there are and noting that some people say, “There are 25 million [AR-15s] out there in circulation in the homes of millions of Americans, and therefore you can’t ban them.” He asked what was Joe Biden’s response to that.

“That’s unacceptable,” she declared flatly. “That’s our response.”

Incredible. It’s unacceptable to the gun grabbers that Americans exercise their rights. But it sure sounds like they want confiscation if having those guns in circulation is “unacceptable.” It isn’t the gun that’s unacceptable, it’s the Biden administration that is. But how does Biden expect to be able to grab all those millions of guns? What do they propose to do? I would think such an unconstitutional action wouldn’t go over very well. I know they think they rule by fiat, but we’re still a constitutional republic and every member of Congress should be condemning these words from the White House, targeting our rights.

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