Biden Has 'Hot Mic' Reveal Instructions, Gets Loose From Handlers, Makes Bizarre Gun Comments

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There was more sign on Tuesday that Joe Biden is deteriorating rapidly and needs guidance for every little movement.

I’ve written before about how he can’t even deliver the simplest remarks without notes. So when he was meeting in Canada with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Trudeau was greeting him and making perfunctory remarks, Joe was desperately searching for his notes to know what to say because there was no teleprompter. But he also needs guidance for every little step. I’ve written before about how they appeared to be having him stand on marks to know where to stand (and not just wander off).


But on Tuesday, they got caught on a hot mic as Biden was visiting a semiconductor plant in Durham, North Carolina. You could hear a guide telling Biden how to move every step, including going “down the ramp” in front of him. The handler tells Biden who is there, “union leaders and workers,” and that his mark is going to be a blue mark to stand on.

“I’ll stay on my blue mark,” Biden says, complying with the instructions. The guide even tells him that he’ll “help him get started.”

In the words of one Twitter user, it’s “Weekend at Bernie’s,” even down to the sunglasses to cover up that there isn’t much going on behind them. But it looks like an elder care situation here, not someone who is supposed to be the leader of the free world. If he is so in need of help, who is truly running things behind the scenes?

But then, when he began to talk, Biden didn’t make things any better — he said a lot of things that just didn’t make any sense.

He accused “MAGA Republicans” of wanting to sell out to China.


Um, Joe, you already have that “sell-out” all covered. We see China making all kinds of dangerous moves on his watch, without any real response from Biden.

Then Biden tried this bizarre claim that he was “cutting” the federal budget by $168 billion.

This is the same guy who has driven us into crushing inflation with his continuous overspending, and his budget has even more unnecessary spending, not to mention all the money out the door to Ukraine that we’ll never get back.

Biden spoke about the Inflation Reduction Act — another spend-Arama — but he seemed to be fighting with the teleprompter again as he finally admitted what it was all about — that it was the most “transformal” investment to deal with climate change.

When he began trying to push an assault weapons ban again, he revealed just how little he knew about what he was saying.

Biden claimed that a bullet from an AR-15 will “blow up when it’s inside your body.” Yes, he truly said that.


This isn’t even the first time he’s said such insane and untrue things. Remember when he said that a “9 mm bullet” would blow the “lung right out of the body” last year? Yes, this is the guy we have occupying the Oval Office now. He has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.

Biden also tried to talk about the law, and argue that the Second Amendment wasn’t absolute. Yet, everything he said in this clip is wrong. So not only doesn’t he know anything about guns, but he doesn’t know anything about the law either.

“I’m a Second Amendment guy,” Biden claimed. “Everybody thinks somehow the Second Amendment is absolute! You’re not allowed to go out and own an automatic weapon. You’re not allowed to own a machine gun. You’re not allowed to own a flamethrower!”

Yes, you can own an automatic weapon and a machine gun. There are special restrictions and/or requirements, but you can legally own them. You also can own a flamethrower. Indeed, you can order one off of Amazon.

Some “Second Amendment guy” when he is so ignorant. Let’s also note that schools are “gun-free zones,” so how is that working for preventing school shootings?


Check out Elon Musk playing with one of his “not a flamethrower” devices.

But Joe Biden being Joe Biden, even with the handlers, even with a guide, he still managed to get lost anyway.

Even with the handlers, you can’t stop him from deteriorating and it’s getting worse.


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