Sen. Kennedy Wrecks Mayorkas Again in Epic Fashion on Border and Assault Weapons

As I reported on Tuesday, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) just decimated the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas during a grilling before the Senate Judiciary Committee when Kennedy asked him if he supported banning assault weapons. When Mayorkas said yes, he did support such a ban, that’s when Kennedy sprang the trap. Then: Could Mayorkas define what an assault weapon was? Kennedy asked.


That, of course, left Mayorkas stammering and without an answer. The best he could come up with was to mention an AK-47, but he had no idea how to define it. To be fair, no Democrat does because it’s essentially a made-up term that means “the guns I don’t like right now.” So perhaps it’s understandable why he can’t find a definition for such a feckless term.

However, that wasn’t the only issue Kennedy pursued. He also destroyed Mayorkas when it came to the border. This is classic Kennedy.

“You really should try to do a better job of answering the questions,” he told Mayorkas. We have had the most people entering illegally in the history of ever, Kennedy said. We have had the most “gotaways” in the history of ever.

Mayorkas claimed that their effort was delivering precisely the result you seek at which point Kennedy just nuked him from outer space.

“Did you just parachute in from another planet? Because you’re the only person in the Milky Way who believes that we’re not having massive, massive illegal immigration into America!” You have to watch what people do and not what they say, Kennedy said, “and everything else is just cottage cheese.”


Now, you might think that Mayorkas, knowing that he was going to have to face Kennedy again on Wednesday, might prepare somewhat better for the next round.

But when Kennedy gave him another chance on Wednesday to answer that question about the definition of an assault weapon, Mayorkas was yet again at sea.

“Can you give me an example,” Kennedy asked. Mayorkas claimed he had told him an AK-47, but he still couldn’t give a definition. So Kennedy tried to plumb what was objectionable about an AK-47 to Mayorkas. Naturally, Mayorkas couldn’t give a real reason. He seemed to look at prepared notes saying he wasn’t going to “take an examination” as to “questions I’ve already answered to the best of my ability.” But he didn’t answer the question. Now he could have studied overnight and tried to come up with some sort of answer. Instead, that’s what he pulled out

Mayorkas claimed it was “self-evident why an AK-47 should be banned.” “Except you can’t explain what one is,” Kennedy said, finishing him off.


That in a nutshell is the Biden team’s incompetence all wrapped up in Mayrokas’ responses.

But Kennedy had one final moment for Mayorkas as Kennedy had to head out when Mayorkas was still testifying. He caught him by surprise when he clapped him on the shoulder and shook his hand, and Mayorkas looked like he was afraid Kennedy was going to do him in a little more.

That had this kind of feel to it.

House Republicans have filed Articles of Impeachment against Mayorkas. They don’t have the Senate to be able to take him out but that doesn’t necessarily stop them from moving ahead with it anyway.


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