Kennedy and Hawley Tag Team to Take Apart Mayorkas on Two Critical Issues

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The Senate Judiciary Committee was pummeling Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday, exposing how incompetent he was at his job, and how he didn’t appear to know the simplest facts about what was going on at the border. Mayorkas refused to admit that the disaster at the border was a “crisis.” He wouldn’t admit that the crisis had made Americans less safe. He had no idea what the common wristbands worn by illegal aliens referred to, which Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said was a “disgrace.” “Your refusal to do your job is revolting!” Cruz said when Mayorkas called his questioning “revolting.”


Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) also let Mayorkas have it saying that the Bidne team had come up with an app for illegal aliens but it was doing what it was supposed to be doing in terms of vetting people, people were just using it and being released into the country. “Rather than building a wall, Mr. Secretary, you have built Ticketmaster for illegal immigrants,” Hawley blasted him.

But the Senate wasn’t finished with Mayorkas quite yet.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) asked Mayorkas if he supported banning the private ownership of “assault weapons.” Then Mayorkas fell right into the trap and said that yes, he did. He couldn’t even say that the border was a “crisis” but he can be very definitive about being against assault weapons — and in line with the Biden political agenda. How politically craven can he be?

But remember I said the trap. That’s when Kennedy sprang the trap, asking if Mayorkas was against assault weapons, could he give a definition of what an assault weapon was? That’s the question that no Democrat seems to be able to answer. Assault weapon = something that looks bad and scary, but they can’t give a real definition. Watch as Mayorkas flounders like a fish out of water trying to answer this question.


Mayorkas tries to buffalo Kennedy by deflecting and not answering him. But Kennedy is not the guy you can do that to. “Mr. Chairman, do you know why we get so frustrated with you? Because you wouldn’t give us straight answers.” He pressed him again for a definition. But Mayorkas still couldn’t do it. He said he was sure there was a definition in the prior assault weapons bill.

It’s scary how ignorant Democrats are about guns, yet they seek to regulate them and us. I wrote earlier about how Joe Biden said an AR-15 bullet “blows up inside your body” and had no idea what the law is when it comes to guns.

But there was another important subject that came up. Record numbers of Chinese nationals have been entering the country through the southern border under Joe Biden. As we reported, Chinese nationals are illegally crossing the border in unprecedented numbers in the RGV sector – up 920 percent from last year. It’s also greatly enriching the cartels because the Chinese pay $30,000 and up to be smuggled in. Hawley asked Mayorkas about the group that was picked up and released about ten days ago.


But then what happens? They’re just released.

China is an adversary who does not wish us well and Chinese nationals are coming across our border. But Biden doesn’t appear the least bit concerned about what’s going on here or the dangers this may pose when we have a ton of military-aged men being released into the country.

So Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) asked Mayorkas another important question. Did he know whether any of these people that they’re just releasing into the country were members of the Chinese Communist Party?

Mayorkas refuses to answer the question, claiming that if they determine that a person poses a national security or public safety threat they would remove them. Does anyone believe that they’re vetting these people to any degree at all? If they were, then he should be able to answer Hawley’s question and he can’t.


Mayorkas is a danger to our national security at this point, and he needs to go. Unfortunately, his boss, Joe Biden is a similar danger. But both need to get the boot for the safety of our nation.


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