Jamaal Bowman Throws Unhinged Fit Against GOP in Hallway, Thomas Massie Drops a Little Reality on Him

Massie stopped to deal with Bowman's unhinged attack on GOP in a hallway. (Credit: Townhall/Twitter)

For Democrats, whenever there is a mass shooting, it’s the fault of the gun. If the shooter is someone folks view as someone “one of theirs,” it’s the fault of the gun and the evil intolerant society that somehow must have affected the poor shooter, as we saw in the case of the Nashville shooting.


The answer, of course, is that in every case, whoever the shooter is, it’s the fault of the shooter. A gun is just a tool, that can be used for bad or for good, like a knife, a fork, or virtually anything else. The gun isn’t invested with evil powers to shoot people just because it’s an AR-15 or an AK-47. It just looks scarier to folks on the left who know nothing about guns. We heard crazy things on Tuesday from Democrats like Joe Biden claiming that an “AR-15 bullet” will “blow up inside the body.” Yet, he’s in a position of immense power to affect laws and is issuing executive orders from on high when it comes to guns.

But I think the award for the unhinged take of Wednesday has to go to Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), a radical Squad member, who just started screaming in the public hallway, falsely blaming Republicans for school shootings. To him, “doing something” means more gun control. Yet he never seems to explain how if virtually every school is “gun-free” why there are mass shootings in schools. So instead of talking about real solutions with Republicans, he throws a fit in the hallway for the cameras and calls the GOP “cowards.” No, sir, cowards are those who shout down anyone who thinks differently than you and who are afraid to deal with the real issues. But Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) stops, tries to calm him down, and gets him to talk. He does manage to lay a little reality on him.


With this angle, you can pick up a little bit more of what Massie is saying over Bowman shouting.

Massie told him that schools don’t allow teachers to carry. That caused Bowman to lose his mind, screaming, “More guns equals more death.” Notice how Bowman was shouting and not listening to what Massie was saying. That’s a typical leftist — only what he thinks matters, even if it doesn’t ever solve any problems. Massie said he had a bill that would allow teachers to carry and provide more protection for kids. Bowman wouldn’t even let Massie talk to the reporters there about his bill, he had to step in front of him. But Massie moved around him to continue.


Bowman stalks off, but then Massie delivers a final great point, noting members of Congress have armed protection there in Congress. Why is it okay to have protection for the members of Congress, yet Democrats like Bowman don’t want to afford kids the same protection that they get?

Why do we have shootings like the one in Nashville? Maybe because shooters know that the school is going to be gun-free and they can shoot a lot of people before the police can arrive on the scene. If they didn’t know that, if they knew that they might face armed defense, that might give them pause. Increase the number of school resource officers, then supplement them with trained teachers.

Meanwhile, folks on the radical left, and Bowman’s buddies have advocated for defunding the police in the past. That hasn’t helped “gun violence” at all. As our sister site, Townhall, wrote in a great piece, some of those schools that removed resource officers and then found out how bad that was when they had school shootings now are putting the resource officers back in the schools. For example, Denver Public Schools is putting at least one officer back in each of the district’s high schools in the wake of a shooting at one of the high schools that injured two deans last week. There was also the shooting death of a student at that same high school last month. That student’s brother said he believes that if there had been a cop there, it might have prevented the shooting.


That’s the reality. But it doesn’t sound like that’s something Bowman or the Democrats want to hear. They’d rather play politics.



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