More Unhinged Moments From Biden on Nashville Shooting and Ice Cream

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As we reported, there was a horrible mass shooting at a Christian elementary school in Nashville. Three children and three adults were killed. The shooter who was initially identified by the authorities as a female was also killed.


We reported on some of what Joe Biden said in the wake of the incident and it was unhinged. He said he came down to the small business event because they had chocolate ice cream.

Imagine anyone going into remarks after this had happened, knowing it happened, but leading with how much you love ice cream. He even bemoaned that this is what he is most known for, along with Ray-Bans. Six people were killed, Joe, including three children. This isn’t about you and your love for ice cream.

That’s a pretty sorry thing if you think about it. He realizes that no one thinks he’s done anything worthwhile to know him for, so that’s what they think about him. Of course, it’s true, he isn’t known for anything good, but he is known for more than that — for all the bad that he’s done and how much he’s hurt this country and the American people with his bad policies, including crushing inflation and his anti-energy agenda. He’s also known for things like this — being an incoherent gaffe-Arama, who can’t seem to get anything right.


But when he finally got to talking about the shooting itself, it wasn’t any better. “We have to do more to protect our schools so they aren’t turned into prisons,” Biden said. What?

I’m not even sure what that means and I don’t think he knows either. There hasn’t been an announcement about the weapons yet, so I’m not sure where he got AK-47s, which appears to be false at this point.  All they’ve said so far is two rifles. But if you’re looking for accuracy, you wouldn’t look to Joe Biden. Whatever he says, all he does know is that everything is an excuse to push more gun control, whether it would have any positive effect on mass shootings or not. He called on Congress again to pass an assault weapons ban (that didn’t do anything when it was in force when they had it for several years before).

Then, when he should be thinking about the people who have been killed and injured, focused solely on their situation, Biden yet again, as he almost always does, talked about his son, who was not killed in a mass shooting but who died from cancer.


“Just like when, in the military, my son was in Iraq for a year, other places,” Biden said. “So many members of the military coming back with post-traumatic stress after witnessing the violence and participating in it.” What does his son’s death have to do with this situation? Why does he feel it necessary to constantly insert his son in every tragic event, when it has very little to do with this situation? What the people in the area want to hear at this point is just concern for them, not how he thinks it relates to him.

I can’t imagine what the folks thought about him yucking it up about ice cream, but Democrats need to start taking his issues more seriously. As I noted earlier, even most of the Democratic voters in New York in a new Siena College poll don’t want him to be the nominee and this unhinged incoherence is a big reason why.



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