Elon Musk Lights up Joe Biden Over His Priorities in One Brutal Tweet

Joe Biden has made it clear that in his administration, the radical left agenda is going to trump all common sense and will take precedence over what is in the best interests of the American people.


So at a time when most people are being crushed by inflation, worried about the economy, and concerned about what’s happening with banks that have gone under, here’s what Joe Biden had to say.

“In my first year in office, we protected more lands and waters than any president since John F. Kennedy,” Biden said. “We’ve also made the largest investment to fight climate change – ever. Today, we’re building on that momentum by protecting additional natural wonders.”

“Largest investment…ever” means spending like drunken sailors for our climate agenda, masked as “inflation reduction” while the spending makes the inflation worse. That should be the number one priority for him right now. But instead, he continues to do everything to make it worse and his administration doesn’t even accept the reality that such overspending makes inflation worse.

Meanwhile, as some noted, if Biden is so concerned about protecting lands and waters, what’s happened to his response to the environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio from the train derailment and the chemicals that have affected the area and the people? His first response was that he did a “whole video” about it and “who’s zoomin’ who.” His staff then later said he was going to visit the area which he still hasn’t done.


He’s just full of it. He’s been missing, concentrating more on things like climate change and giving all our money to Ukraine. He also doesn’t seem to care much about protecting the land when it comes to protecting the border which is in such a severe crisis with a record-high influx of illegal aliens and massive amounts of fentanyl flooding across the border. Yet Biden just seems to ignore the crisis.

Biden also perhaps forgets the history of people invoking John F. Kennedy. You are no John Kennedy, sir. If Kennedy were teleported into today from 1962, he probably wouldn’t even recognize the Democratic Party. Kennedy would be considered far to the right, by today’s standards.

But Elon Musk was having none of Biden’s propaganda and let him know that he thought that his priorities were in the wrong place.

“Umm…the banks are melting,” Musk said.

Musk is right that Biden is not focusing on the right things, although I don’t know if I exactly agree that more than a few banks are “melting.” The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank was due in part to the Federal Reserve raising rates because of inflation which was in part due to Biden’s excessive spending. No wonder Biden doesn’t want to talk about that. The banks that have collapsed are a limited number, but the concern is that it could also hit other regional banks.


Bottom line? Biden needs to be called out more like this and it’s great that he’s just throwing it up in Biden’s face. Biden is just completely unconcerned about how much his actions have adversely affected the economy and the American people, and he seems intent on continuing all the bad policy and spending that led to the problems in the first place.



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