More of Jill Biden's Cringeworthy CNN Interview, Including Her Excuse for the Classified Docs

Over the weekend, I wrote about one of the clips that had been released from Jill Biden’s CNN interview. The full interview ran Monday night.

Jill was asked if Joe Biden would take a competency test if he ran again, something Nikki Haley has proposed for anyone who is running for President who is over 75. Now, you would think most people would have no problem with taking such a test. If they didn’t have a problem, that is. Former President Donald Trump, who has already declared his run, was all for it, even said he’d like to suggest everyone, of all ages, take one. But when they asked Jill about Joe taking one, she balked.


It’s “ridiculous,” Jill Biden said to CNN interviewer Arlette Saenz. “We would never even discuss something like that,” she said.

Here’s more of the video that was released after the interview.

“How many 30-year-olds could travel to Poland, get on the train? Go nine more hours, go to Ukraine, meet with President Zelensky?” she said. “So, look at the man. Look what he’s doing. Look what he continues to do each and every day.”​

Sounds like they have something to hide. Of course, they can’t hide it anymore, because we see him virtually every day, so we see all the problems he has. Yes, we are looking, and that’s a problem for them, as the RNC noted, showing a clip of Biden seemingly falling asleep during a conference.

But the problem isn’t even so much moments like that, although that is embarrassing and weak. The problem is what he does say and do — that tends to be worse, as we noted on Monday such as getting lost on the stage and telling fantasy stories.


Jill did not help in the clean-up effort when she was asked about the classified documents and when she found out about them. “Probably when the rest of America did,” she claimed.

Probably? Either you did or you didn’t. “We had no idea,” she insisted. “So I think we found out when everybody else did.” The interviewer asked where were the documents found and Jill says they were at the “Biden Penn Center,” reversing the name of the “Penn Biden Canter” and putting Joe’s name first. The interviewer has to remind her that classified documents were also found in their home and asked where were they found there. Jill claimed they were in the garage and that she didn’t even have the “time” to go through those boxes so “we had no idea they were even down there.”

I don’t know who is coaching them to push this defense but it’s just such a ridiculous defense. I guess the problem is there isn’t much of a defense in their case, so this may be all they’re left with. We’re just supposed to believe that random people put documents in his office at the Penn Biden Center, in their garage next to his prized Corvette — he said the documents were secure because they were next to his Corvette. And random people got into his home in another area, not the garage, and left more classified documents. And these were somehow taken from different periods of his career — from his time in the Senate and time as Vice President. He admitted there were documents from 1974. But he has no idea how those Senate documents were removed from secure locations and made it into his home. No one is buying it, Jill, and with good reason.


There’s also the potential problem of his handwritten notebooks that the FBI seized when they seized the documents. If they can show that the notebooks involved transcribing any of the classified documents, even this feeble excuse is going to get further tossed on the dumper. Assuming they do their jobs. As Biden himself revealed, he had documents going back decades, so he can’t just blame it on some aide packing up boxes from when he was Vice President.

They wouldn’t be CNN if they didn’t have a softball upchuck moment. Saenz asked her about how much they FaceTime together. “Does he call you more or do you call him more,” Saenz gushes like a 12-year-old schoolgirl.

This is what they think people want to know. Hey, CNN, if you truly want to be taken seriously, making people want to hurl at the cringeworthy questions isn’t going to do it.


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