Tucker Takes Down the Dems, Schiff Performs a Spectacular Self-Own in Response

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Tucker Carlson had a great segment this week about the danger of weak men, the ones who can be the most destructive. Because they have no principles, all they care about is their own power, “Men with no principles, but the desire for self-preservation. Hollow men who live in terror of being revealed for who they really are. Men who will do anything to save themselves.”


Carlson points his finger at former representative Adam Kinzinger. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). “These are sad, insecure broken men, filled with envy and bitterness from their lonely childhoods. They hate you because they hate themselves.”

“It’s not their masculinity that’s toxic,” Tucker said referencing what Kamala Harris’ husband said about toxic masculinity. “It’s their lack of it.”

He went on to talk about the weakness of Attorney General Merrick Garland. But the description also applies to Joe Biden.

One of the big problems with Joe Biden — that endangers us before the world — is the projection of weakness.

He got into power by riding the coattails of Barack Obama and then playing the moderate face that the Democrats needed to project. But as we’ve seen, he’s a Trojan horse upon which the left could ride into power with. He’s thrown over any of the moderate positions he used to claim to have, in the trade for power.

But when you have no real principles like Joe Biden, you have no core. You are anything to everybody, as it serves your purposes to pander — a black churchgoer, a Puerto Rican neighbor, someone who has been to shul more than Jewish people. You don’t know what to say, until your handlers tell you, so you end up waving big flags to Russia and China, indicating you’re weak when you say things like “minor incursions” might not prompt a real response.


You end up downplaying the Chinese spy balloon breaching our airspace and hovering over sensitive military installations. Why should China take you seriously that you would come to the aid of Taiwan if you don’t even fully protect the airspace of our own country? Then on top of that, Biden said that after that “we don’t want conflict” as though we were the ones who had done something wrong in the incident. “Face” means a lot to the Chinese and Biden just lost face before them big time.

Joe Biden is that hollow man of whom Tucker speaks, which is why he is in terror of being revealed and blows up whenever he’s challenged. It’s a condition that he’s had for the whole of his public life, but it’s certainly gotten worse as he’s deteriorated. Unfortunately, that’s a danger for us all.

What was funny was Adam Schiff couldn’t take Tucker’s segment, he just had to respond.

But notice even in the response, which was weak, he didn’t even bother to tag Tucker Carlson. If you have courage and you believe in yourself, you tag your opponent in your tweets. When you don’t, you’re weak. He knew he couldn’t compete with Tucker and he knew that what Carlson was saying was true. He wouldn’t go on Tucker’s show because he knows he would get real questions he couldn’t deal with. We caught part of his meltdown previously. For a guy known for lying about Russia collusion this was a real-self awareness fail.


He is everything he describes there. But we know what Schiff is worried about — those thousands of hours of Jan. 6 video footage. It’s why he’s melting down more and more over Carlson. Some of that footage is going to hit this week. Break out the popcorn, because that’s likely to cause some more titanic tantrums from Schiff.


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