Kinzinger Goes Full Cringe With His Latest Effort to Get Attention

Ah, what would we do about the tantrums of Adam Kinzinger, who fled from obscurity as a backbencher Republican to sell himself down the river to the Democrats because of his Trump hatred, then went back to obscurity once again by becoming a CNN commentator?


Kinzinger aspires to higher office and he thinks that his Trump hatred is somehow a platform that will take him there. He says he wants to run again, but not for the House. He’s launched a new ad campaign against “extremism” with a weird, 1984-like video in which he, of course, is the featured white knight hero, saving those poor misguided people who wore the blue and red glasses of delusion/parties.

What’s funny is how poorly done and cringy it is. The evil Orwellian thought control guy turns out to be Kinzinger. Yeah, that’s not a good look.

Here’s another part of it.

And as an example of what Kinzinger described as “performance art,” people have been spotted around Capitol Hill wearing the all-white costumes from the video. The former congressman said the display was also meant to draw attention to how many lawmakers on Capitol Hill were just “looking for that next social media opportunity, and not actually trying to do what their constituents need.”

“It’s just another way to put that in perspective,” he added. “And it’s a little creepy too.”


So you mean just like Kinzinger — who is more than a little creepy and spends way too much time trying to get people’s attention on social media? It’s pretty hilarious that he’s calling out what he is, someone whose principal focus seems to be hatred of Trump on social media. That looks pretty extremist to me.

He is always saying loony things on Twitter. For example, in January, he was spreading a list of people to “hold accountable” for supposedly making fun of Paul Pelosi.

Now, some of those folks including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pointed out that Adam himself wasn’t being honest about what they’d said. Cruz said he hadn’t made fun of Pelosi. But even if any had made fun of Pelosi, why is Kinzinger making “lists” of them to “hold accountable”? So people should somehow be targeted because they said something Kinzinger didn’t like? Talk about extremist and problematic.

What’s funny is that he claims this nonsensical campaign is going to run more than a quarter of a million dollars. I’m struggling to see where the money was spent. Certainly not on clarity. What does he think this will achieve? It’s just like throwing money down a hole. He can’t do more than rip off an old Apple commercial and have weird people running around in what looks like straight jackets. Not exactly inspiring.


I definitely want to listen to people who come up with things like this.

But hey he’s telling us “Country First” — that’s his political action committee. That sort of sounds familiar. Almost like “America First” — did he rip off Trump like he ripped off Apple?


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