Biden Claims 'Jobs' and 'Pride' Are Coming Back; What Country Is He Talking About?

Jacquelyn Martin, Pool

In order to make you forget that a Chinese spy balloon spent a week siphoning information on our infrastructure and security secrets, Biden focused on everything but that in his State of the Union address. One of his “rah-rah” talking points was about building the Wall (Never Trumpers hardest hit) and building bridges and infrastructure. Then he decided to focus on the economy and how he created more jobs in two years than most presidents do in four years. Biden conveniently forgot that in his first term, most people were still languishing at home thanks to the COVID histrionics that were keeping schools, companies, and most businesses closed.


At one point in the speech, Biden crowed,

“Jobs are coming back! Pride is coming back!”

Uhh… how, exactly? Has he already forgotten the number of layoffs that were announced in January alone? Amazon and Microsoft combined announced they were laying off 28,000 employees. IBM said it was cutting 1.5 percent of its workforce. Spotify announced it would cut six percent of its global workforce. And Alphabet, Google’s parent company said it planned to divest itself of 12,000 jobs.

And that’s just the tech companies.

So what jobs is he talking about, exactly? Where exactly is this pride Americans under attack are feeling? Is it the fact that we can now collect universal basic income in some cities? That is not a point of pride, it is a point of shame.

While on the one hand, Biden claimed gains in people building their own business, on the other hand, the Biden administration is still using the U.S. Department of Labor to try and wipe out independent professionals and the franchise industry. Yet he chose to demonize them in his speech, under the guise of defending the worker and restoring the “dignity of work.”

Come on, man!

For too long, workers have been getting stiffed. Not anymore. We’re beginning to restore the dignity of work. For example, 30 million workers had to sign non-compete agreements when they took a job. So a cashier at a burger place can’t cross the street to take the same job at another burger place to make a couple bucks more. Not anymore. We’re banning those agreements so companies have to compete for workers and pay them what they’re worth.


Knowing full well no one is going to pay a burger flipper $25.00 an hour. They can purchase a robot instead who will never call in sick. Speaking of being sick, Biden wanted to let us know how sick he is of companies not allowing workers to organize and form a union. We see how well those “union protections” are working for Starbucks and Amazon workers.

I’m so sick and tired of companies breaking the law by preventing workers from organizing. Pass the PRO Act because workers have a right to form a union. And let’s guarantee all workers a living wage.

The U.S. Department of Labor is working overtime to not only change how solopreneurs like independent contractors and entrepreneurial enterprises like franchisers are structured. Before Labor Secy. Marty Walsh exits the stage so he can go and do damage at the National Hockey League Players Association, he will ensure the changes to rules for independent contractors, franchisers, and private sector unions are pushed through.

So, Biden should be sick and tired of lying through his teeth that he is for small businesses, for the little man, and that he is working hard to build the economy while using his Labor arm to stab all these people and entities in the back.


This State of the Union speech was less indicative of the state of the union and more indicative of the state of Biden’s delusional thinking.


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