Byron Donalds Lights up Twitter Officials, Drops Receipts on Contact With Biden Team

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Rep. Byron Donalds was on fire and loaded for bear on Wednesday.

First, Democrats went around the bend claiming that wanting to deal with the border crisis that Joe Biden and the Democrats have made exponentially worse would somehow “amplify white nationalist conspiracy theories.” Donalds wasn’t going to let them get away with that and just erupted at the Democrats. But he was just getting warmed up.


The House Oversight Committee then grilled Twitter executives about suppression on the platform, including suppression and censorship involving the government and/or the Biden team.

Donalds isn’t an attorney but he sure has all the moves of one, and he just nailed the officials on doing things at the behest of the Biden team and then pretending like they didn’t remember talking about it with the Biden team. This would be a work of art in cross-examination for any prosecutor.

First, he asked former Twitter trust and safety Head Yoel Roth who was the head of site integrity back in 2020 when the laptop story by the New York Post was suppressed, if he was against that action, who was it above him who was overruling him to suppress it. That was like pulling teeth, but Roth claimed it was Del Harvey, who at that point was vice president of trust and safety. She in turn reported to Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s legal, policy, trust, and safety lead, who reported to Twitter CEO at the time, Jack Dorsey.


Donalds then got Gadde to commit to the answer that they had no contact with the Biden team. Then he pulled the evidence on his boards showing that they had contact with the Biden team over tweets that the Biden team was flagging.

Roth claimed he couldn’t say for sure how big the team that was dealing with “campaigns” (in this case the Biden team) was — why would there be any team dedicated to dealing with campaign requests from the Biden team? Roth also confessed it was “likely” that someone at Twitter had “contact” with the DNC. Roth said he couldn’t say how frequently they interacted with the Biden team.

When Donalds asked how many tweets were taken down “at the behest of the Biden team,” Roth said he objected to the term “behest.” That’s when Donalds dropped the hammer.


He pointed out that email referencing five tweets that just had the URLs listed in an email; it said “more to review from the Biden team” and then the response was “handled these.” Then he asked Roth how do you know what those tweets reference–from just URLs–committed to memory, but Roth can’t remember who he talked to on the Biden team. Game, set, and match.

This shows why many people, when they were looking for Speaker alternatives to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Donalds’ name featured highly. But it also shows they need to dig deeper to rip out all the bad connections, restore free speech, and hold people accountable.


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