Biden Finally Gets off His Duff, Comments on What Will Be Done With Chinese Spy Balloon

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

It looks like Joe Biden has finally gotten off his duff when it comes to doing something about the Chinese spy balloon that has been floating over the country for almost a week.


As we reported earlier, Biden and the White House have known about it, but couldn’t figure out what to do and decided to keep quiet about it. Sounds like the classified documents situation. They weren’t even going to tell us about it. Then that strategy was outed on Thursday, when it was spotted in Billings, Montana. But it entered American airspace on Jan. 28.

Here’s White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitting Biden was apprised of it on Tuesday.

After ducking comment for a few days, Biden said on Saturday, “We’re going to take care of it.”

About time Biden got around to doing something. Who knows, at this point, what information the balloon may have gotten and beamed back to Beijing? It’s not just government information that could be a concern; there’s all kinds of private information that can be hijacked with such a thing, from businesses and other entities for example, unless we were jamming their ability to do so. As my colleague Bob Hoge wrote, it can pose all kinds of threats, despite the Biden administration claim that it wasn’t a threat.


The plan reportedly now is to shoot it down over the Atlantic, after it leaves the Carolinas, and then try to recover the material to see what they might have been doing and what they might have collected.

Another Chinese balloon was also spotted over the Panama Canal on its way to Venezuela, so one has to wonder what’s going on there–with the reports of balloons, in Canada, the US, and South America.

It looks like it’s around the area of Myrtle Beach–but it’s out in our territorial waters where they would take the action.


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