Swalwell Doesn't Realize What He Just Retweeted, and It's Hilarious

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Let’s face it, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) isn’t the sharpest tool in the drawer. That alone should have disqualified him from being on the House Intelligence Committee, even if he hadn’t had a relationship with an alleged Chinese spy. As we reported, he properly got the boot from that Committee. We should want the best people possible, particularly for such an important committee to be able to properly evaluate the evidence. That surely is not Eric Swalwell.


Swalwell proved that, in spades, with what he just did on Twitter. The guy who makes amazing memes, Carpe Donktum — who was just recently allowed back on Twitter by Elon Musk after being tossed off two years ago despite not breaking any of their rules — made a video of what Swalwell said during the floor fight about booting Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Swalwell made comments attacking Republicans over a tweet by the House Judiciary Committee. But Donktum inserted a new tweet and added some fart noises — a take on how Swalwell had infamously farted on live television — to create a funny retake video.

Then also check the faces of the people behind him after the sound effects.

All of that would be pretty funny. But Swalwell himself made it legendary when he retweeted the video, not even looking at it or understanding what he was retweeting.


That’s just gold. As of 11:15 EST, it’s still up on his personal account, despite people on the left telling him about it. This despite having tweeted something from his personal account within the last hour so he’s been on his Twitter account. What a genius.

But this says everything one needs to know about Swalwell. He didn’t even bother to view it, because it appealed to his vanity about himself. Maybe that explains why he was taken in by a Chinese spy. He also violated a basic principle of the internet — don’t put up a sign that can then be photoshopped into something else or else you will get the humorous tweet Donktum put up.


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