BREAKING: Billings, MT Can't Substantiate Report of Explosion in Air Where Chinese Spy Balloon Had Been

We wrote earlier about a reported explosion over Billings, Montana. The video allegedly shot by a local woman, Dolly Moore, shows the trail of something allegedly falling and, she reported, an explosion. As we noted, Fox reported there had been what appears to be an explosion in the area where the Chinese spy balloon had previously been.


That ballon was last seen much further east, in Missouri, at last check.

But now in a curve ball, the folks behind the Billings, Montana, Twitter account are now saying that despite that report, they have not been able to verify it.

They said they confirmed with the Governor that there had not been any explosions of which they were aware and cannot substantiate the video.


There had been activity going on there earlier.

So, this only adds more to all the drama surrounding how anyone even let the balloon into the country to begin with.


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