BREAKING: Explosion in the Sky Over Billings, MT Where Chinese Spy Balloon Had Been

UPDATE [8:42 p.m. EST]: Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte spoke to Tucker Carlson about the explosion Friday evening, saying that he’d been notified of the explosion and was checking with the National Guard. Gov. Gianforte said he expected to be “briefed in the next hour.”



Original story


There was just an explosion over the sky in Billings, Montana.

There were reports that a jet just hit something in the sky there.

It’s not clear what was hit there. The balloon that had been over Billings was last spotted in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.


There had been another reported, Chinese balloon over Canada. Perhaps that’s that second balloon.

This is a developing story, and RedState will keep you updated as we find out more details.


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