Biden Has No Idea What He Is Talking About in Border Remarks

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As we previously reported, Joe Biden has finally decided that he has to make a show of going to the border possibly on Sunday, where he will “address border enforcement operations and meet with local officials” while there, although the White House is vague on what he will be doing.


Biden announced that he was going to go to El Paso. One has to wonder if he’s going to the real border or if he’s going to do what Kamala Harris did when she went to the “border” — doing a hit-and-run visit for a couple of hours on her way to a California fundraiser, but not going to the actual border.

But Biden made remarks on Thursday about the border that were wrong, confused, and indicated he had no idea what he was talking about. He had Kamala Harris standing behind him as he spoke and she must have been doing all she could to keep her face blank so as not to react when he messed up.

He spent a little time talking about Kamala Harris saying that no one knows the border question better than her.

He followed that up by saying that he was proud that Kamala went beyond the United States, referencing her trip to Central America.


What did she get done? Name one thing that she did that has in any way improved the situation at the border. Empty photo-ops and talk about “root causes” mean nothing when you do nothing to address the problem. Notice he doesn’t list anything she did.

I think virtually anyone would know the situation better than Harris. Harris hasn’t even done any border-related events in six months.

But what would Biden know at this point? He didn’t even seem to know who was president as he again called Harris, “President.”

The rest of what he had to say was a confused mess.

Listen as he seems to say Title 42 makes the problem at the border “even worse” because people might try to come back in again.

Wait, what? That doesn’t even make any sense. So the answer is to lift it and then just let everyone in? That’s his response? He should be properly enforcing the immigration law, but Title 42 being in place has been the one thing that has worked to stop some of the flow because some could be expelled. If that were lifted it would be so much worse. The fact that Biden thinks Title 42 makes things worse is delusional.


Biden couldn’t even get the Title that applies to immigration correct, something one would think should be on the tip of his tongue if he gave a darn at all about the problems at the border. He had no idea what he was talking about.

He also messed up the name of the CBP — Customs and Border Protection, not “Border Patrol.”

Plus he was clueless about fentanyl, saying 20,000 lbs of fentanyl is “enough to kill as many as 1,000 people in this country.” It would kill 4.5 billion people. But again, why should he know anything at all about how much fentanyl has been hurting the country because of how he has left the border open?

The border is something that “extreme” Republicans are always going to run on, Biden claimed.


No, Joe, most Americans care about border security, other than you. It’s not an “extreme” issue, it’s a fundamental responsibility that you are supposed to uphold for the defense of the country. If you find it “extreme,” perhaps you are the one who is “extreme.”

What solutions, if any, did he offer? He only told them how they could use an app on their cell phone to apply for asylum.


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