Troubling Detail on Upcoming Joe Biden ‘Border Visit’ Sounds All Too Familiar

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On Wednesday, mainstream media reporters were rushing to the Twitter machine to report that at long last, President Joe Biden was going to visit the southern border.


The news came during a press gaggle that saw one reporter ask Biden if he had plans to visit the border during his upcoming trip to Mexico for the annual so-called “Three Amigos Summit” where he will meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to discuss regional issues, including the border crisis.

“That’s my intention,” Biden responded. “We’re working out the details now.”


Apparently “the details” have been worked out, as we’re now learning Biden plans to visit El Paso, possibly on Sunday:

According to a story from Politico, officials say Biden plans to “address border enforcement operations and meet with local officials” while there, though they remained vague on specifics.

That Biden will make a stop in El Paso brought back embarrassing memories of when Vice President Kamala Harris in her capacity as Biden’s “border czar” was shamed by her critics (including former President Donald Trump) into taking a supposed “border visit” in June 2021.


But as RedState noted at the time, Harris did not visit the actual physical border there nor other hot spots like the Rio Grande Valley. Instead, she chose to conduct her photo ops at an El Paso border patrol station miles away and at the El Paso airport.

Joe Biden and other officials in his administration have been just as shameless in the past when he and they were asked about his refusal to the border as the crisis continued to worsen on his watch. For instance, then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki laughably claimed in October 2021 that Biden’s El Paso “drive-by” on the way to a campaign stop in 2008 constituted a “visit to the border.”

And during a December 2022 trip to Arizona, Biden insulted those hardest hit by the surge in border crossings by declaring that “there are more important things going on” than the need for him to directly address the record surge in illegal immigrants crossing the border, which has overwhelmed and put in danger local communities in border states like Texas and Arizona to the point they’ve been routinely busing groups of them to Democrat-run sanctuary cities.

And astonishingly, a clearly agitated Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) said during an interview at the time of Biden’s Arizona visit that Biden didn’t need to visit the border, that he had handlers (admin officials) who would visit and report back to him on what they saw. “He’s seen the photos,” she retorted, while also whining about the “fixation” on the “little issue” of wanting to know why the President of the United States has not made it a priority to show up and see the issues firsthand.


Biden White House advisor and former Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms took the cake two weeks later with her answer to a question on why Biden hadn’t yet visited the border, saying in a nutshell that a Biden visit would tie up too many resources and be “disruptive.”

Whether Biden actually visits the southern border in the coming days remains to be seen. But rest assured that absolutely nothing will change as a result of it because Democrats are notorious for their refusal to change course when it has become crystal clear that their policies have been conclusively proven to be harmful to America instead of helpful.

In fact, one might think that at this stage of the game that maybe that is exactly the point.

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