Elon Musk's Beautiful Dunk on a Leftist Shows Just How Hypocritical They Can Be

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I find the left’s hatred of Elon Musk such a revealing window into how empty and cult-like they can be.

They all used to like him. Why? Because he was behind things like Tesla and electric cars which fit into their worldview. You had folks like very liberal actress Alyssa Milano idolizing him, even listing him as one of the people in all of history who she’d like to have dinner with.


That was until he bought Twitter, then advocated for free speech and the importance of everyone being able to speak in the virtual “town square.” Suddenly, that made him the enemy because he believes that even those with whom he disagrees have a right to have a voice.

He was still the same guy, still the guy behind the electric cars. Yet now he was the guy they were supposed to hate. Now you have crazy folks like former magazine editor John Blumenthal who wrote an op-ed about in the Los Angeles Times that he was worried about driving a Tesla and what people might think of him for it. He seemingly bought the car to virtue signal, but now he’s worried people might think he’s embraced far-right thought.

Karma is a hard mistress.

Never mind that Musk doesn’t embrace far-right thought and no one but Blumenthal’s leftist buddies would care what the heck he drives, but we’re not talking logic here.

Musk’s response to their mania? Humor, which makes them even more crazed that he isn’t intimidated by efforts against him. He even wished everyone a happy New Year, with the wry comment that it was likely not going to be “boring.”

Who could be offended by that fairly innocuous tweet?

But leftist Brianna Wu took a stab at it with an obnoxious attempt to put Musk down.


“You worked hard this year and lost over 200 billion,” Wu said. “I believe that this year you will surpass yourself with even worse decisions.”

Wu runs a progressive PAC along with former “Young Turks” guy, Cenk Uygur. So that tells you a lot about her right there. She was a video game development and media person. She also failed at a run for Congress, not even winning her primary in 2018.

I’m thinking that she can’t even begin to hold a candle to what Musk has achieved in his life. And I sacrificed myself a bit for you to go to her PAC site and check out the juvenile videos they put out so you don’t have to. So meh, not exactly investing your life in doing anything beneficial or anything that’s even likely to move leftists.

This is the new talking point against Musk — oh, he lost money after buying Twitter. Sure he did, as did many others, as the market is down for everyone. Thanks, Joe Biden. Musk is still the richest person in the world. Forbes had Bernard Arnault over him, but that’s including Arnault’s family. It’s funny that leftists who attack people having money want to use losing some of it as a jab.

But if anything that loss says a lot about Musk, and most of it is good. He’s put a lot on the line for his convictions, including his money, to ensure that Twitter is a freer place. He could have backed off when pressured by Democrats and attacked by leftists. But he hasn’t. He’s shown he wouldn’t be cowed and bow down to the Democrats, he’s been willing to stick to his guns so far, even if it might hurt his bottom line.


I think he’s also willing to bet that he’s going to change Twitter and Tesla will be going back up, that ultimately the bottom line will work out too.

However, Musk had a great response to Wu, which showed his humor.

That’s one of the most hilarious things of all. They all want to hate on him now, but then they give him $8 for the Twitter Blue subscription to make themselves look more important and by doing so, help to support the site. She has a Twitter Blue subscription so she’s giving him money. Other leftists have screamed about him, yet they’re still there on Twitter, they haven’t left yet.

That says so much about leftist hypocrisy.


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